Znajdz wszystkie informacje o trump z posrod najlepszych stron
Trump to CNN: 'You are fake news'
President-elect Donald Trump brought his campaign against what he considers fake news to his first major press conference since winning the election.
WATCH: Donald Trump's first press conference as president-elect
Donald Trump addresses Russia allegations at first news conference since election win
Donald Trump holds his first press conference of 2017, in which he addresses allegations that Russian operatives hold compromising material on him and ...
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Brought to you by Desert Diamond: Senate Armed Services Committee holds nomination hearing to consider Retired General James Mattis to ...
Donald Trump shuts down CNN reporter - BBC News
Asked to explain his "Are we living in Nazi Germany?" tweet earlier on Wednesday, Mr Trump said it was "a disgrace fake news was released to the public".
Do The Russians Have Dirt On Trump?
A former MI6 official says that the Russians are holding onto compromising information about Donald Trump. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young ...
Seth Meyers Interviews Kellyanne Conway About President-Elect Trump
Donald Trump's incoming White House counselor Kellyanne Conway defends the president-elect's relationship with the intelligence community, the press and ...
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Buzzfeed Publishes Shocking Fake News About Donald Trump
MP3: Soundcloud: ...
BREAKING: Intelligence Chiefs Told Trump That Russia Attempted to Compromise Him
CNN is reporting this afternoon that intelligence officials presented information last week to both President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump ...
Ben Affleck on the Meryl Streep/Donald Trump Feud
Ben weighs in on Trump's tweet saying that Meryl Streep is overrated after her Golden Globes speech. Mel Gibson Cuts Hair & Gets Shaved on Hollywood Blvd ...
'You are fake news!' - Trump blackballs CNN's Acosta
President-elect Donald Trump called BuzzFeed a 'failing pile of garbage' over the report that Moscow has been blackmailing him over past sex adventures in ...
Donald Trump shuts down CNN reporter: "You're fake news"
President-elect Donald Trump refused to take a question from CNN reporter Jim Acosta, calling him fake news.
FULL COVERAGE: Donald Trump Press Conference - FIRST Press Conference of 2017
President-Elect Donald Trump holds a News Conference at Trump Tower Lobby in New York, New York.
Trump Triumphs Again, CIA Conducts Soft Disclosure
Get The Best Flashlight On The Market! - James Bond Pen For Your Safety ...