Elevator in poland
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Old gated ZREMB traction bedsize elevator @ SPDSK Childrens Hospital, Warsaw, Poland
SPDSK = Samodzielny Publiczny Dziecięcy Szpital Kliniczny = Independent Public Children's Hospital Elevator Information • Location: Marszałkowska 24, ...
1979 ZREMB single-speed traction elevator @ Skolimowska 6, Warsaw, Poland
Elevator Information • Location: Skolimowska 6, Warsaw, Poland • Manufacturer: ZREMB • Year: 1979 • Serial: 61850 • Type: Single-speed traction, ...
Small elevator in Poland
via YouTube Capture.
Nice architecture! 1973 ZREMB traction elevator, refurbished @ Dom Technika, Gdańsk, Poland
Gdansk & Gdynia, Poland - February 2016 • 1973 ZREMB (currently watching) • Stuck! ZREMB freighter • 1985 ...
Typical old ELEVATOR in Poland.
My second video of elevator. Greetings for user "dieselducy" - a master of elevators in USA ! :)
Beautifully refurbished 1930s Roman Groniowski elevator @ Aleja 3 Maja 5, Warsaw, Poland
This is the last elevator video from the March 2015 Warsaw trip with Elevators from Sweden! and MPXD Studio. Elevator Information • Location: Aleja 3 Maja 5, ...
Kolędy w windzie! / Christmas songs in elevator! @Zawiercie, Poland
Brand: Zremb -Model: ASEA Graham license -Modernised by: Mikrolift -Floors served: 11(0,1,2...9,10) -Location: Street / ulica: Powstańców Śląskich 12 ...
Michael Jackson in Poland - September 20, 1996 (MJ In elevator)
Michael Jackson in Poland - September 20, 1996 (MJ In elevator) So nice moment xD ! Enjoy. ...
Scary ZREMB Elevator in Poland
Sorry for the dark moments at the beginning of the movie - the light on the corridor was to weak. And again, greetings for dieselducy! :)
Scary Elevator in Poland !
Scary Elevator in Poznań. It was next to the famous Old Brewery in Poznań.
Runs with open gates: ZREMB traction bedsize elevator @ Praski Hospital, Warsaw, Poland
Praski = Prague We got busted imediately after filming. Elevator Information • Location: Aleja Solidarności 67, Warsaw, Poland • Manufacturer: ZREMB • Year: ...
Winda ZREMB / ZREMB Elevator @ Korsykańska 1, Warszawa, Poland.
(C) 2016 MPXD Studio.
One Minute in Poland: Winda (The Elevator)
Even the elevator can tell a story.
Vintage ZREMB single-speed traction elevator @ Aleja Zygmunta Krasińskiego 5, Kraków, Poland
Elevator Information • Location: Aleja Zygmunta Krasińskiego 5, 33-332 Kraków, Poland • Manufacturer: ZREMB • Year: • Serial: • Type: Single-speed traction, ...
Winda | Dźwigi i Anteny | elevator@Turystyczna 27, Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Poland
Brand: Dźwigi i Anteny -Capacity: 500kg/6 persons -Floors served: 4 (0,3,6,9) -Year of instalation: 2001 -Serial numer: DA-59 -Location: Turystyczna 27, ...