Ryan Gosling Doesn’t Want to Watch His Dancing Videos - The Graham Norton Show
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Nicole Kidman’s Early Modelling Photos Are Incredible - The Graham Norton Show
Nicole’s advice to the youth of today: don’t straighten those curls. Subscribe for weekly updates:
Meryl Streep Leaves Hugh Grant Speechless - The Graham Norton Show
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Keira Knightley's Sex Faces - The Graham Norton Show - Episode 11 Preview - BBC One
Programme Website: Kiera chats about her sex faces in 'Dangerous Method' and 'Atonement'
The Graham Norton Show S18E03
Meryl Streep, Carey Mulligan, Nicole Kidman, Nigella Lawson and Gabrielle Aplin
Adele Gave Sia Top Singing Tip - The Graham Norton Show
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Kate Winslet Keeps Her Oscar In The Bathroom - The Graham Norton Show
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Amy Adams Is Really Good At Crying On Cue - The Graham Norton Show
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Meryl Streep is Hilarious!
Here is another Tribute Video I edited in honor of Meryl Streep focusing on her delicious wit and comic timing, Along with her wonderful performances in Comedies in Film and TV, I included some hysterical moments I found from interviews, red carpet events, etc (Sorry the quality on a few clips aren't so great, they were the best resolution I could find). Hope you enjoy it! And feel free to SHARE I
Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence's yearbook awards - The Graham Norton Show 2016: Episode 9 - BBC
Programme website: Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence reveal their yearbook award photos.