Windows Startup and Shutdown Sounds (Desktop Version)
Windows Startup and Shutdown Sounds (Desktop Version)
Windows 1.01- 10 commercial
Hi guys!! I hope you enjoy this commercial of windows and now its complete than the others uploaded. Subscribe and Like!!!
Windows History (1.0 - 10)
== IT WOULD BE A PLEASURE IF YOU WILL READ THE DESC, WITH MORE UPDATES == The Microsoft Windows History from Windows 1.0 up to Windows 10. Support dates for Windows Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10 are listed here: I'm also looking for translators for this video... so if you'd like to translate it, you can submit it and I'll publish it if it's translated
Minecraft on Windows 2000
This was a video showing that it is in fact possible to run and play Minecraft on Windows 2000 in 2016 Old Java Version :
Apple Mac Startup and Death Chimes
As of 2016, Apple has officially discontinued the startup chime with the release of the new MacBook Pros. This video is a memory of all the chimes prior to this update. TWITTER:
Windows 1.0 boot and preview (1987)
*** join my retro computer/sell-buy group on FaceBook! *** This is my old Tulip PC Compact that boots Windows 1.03. This Dutch pc is from the late eighties and I bought this on the Internet for €35,- so $28,-. It still works very well but of course, it's basic.
Windows 9
*This is not really windows 9, it's a game* Why Microsoft hide it away from us? If you enjoyed the video, KICK that like button in the NUTS :D ►I post new video everyday on the channel ►Subscribe to stay updated with new videos : The Game► ►Follow me on Twitter : ►Like me on Facebook : http
Windows OS Sounds Piano Cover
00:00 Shut down Windows OS 00:07 Boot up Windows OS 00:11 Error Windows OS / Download finished Windows OS 00:12 Critical Error Windows OS 00:15 Hint Windows OS 00:17 Print process finished Windows OS 00:19 Hardware - Plug in Windows OS 00:21 Plug out Windows OS 00:23 Hardwareerror Windows OS 00:25 Chimes Windows OS 00:27 Tadaaaa Windows OS 00:29 Ding Windows OS 00:31Chord (new) Windows OS 00:33 Ch
Windows Sounds THE FIRST
This is the sounds of Microsoft Windows. This is my first type of these videos, and I am going to make more, but no details of the next one will be released at the end of these videos (unlike my other videos).
All Windows Startup And Shutdown Sounds.wmv
All Windows Startup And Shutdown Sounds. From Windows 1.0 To Windows 7.