Microsoft Ignite - Keynote (Spark the future) May, 2015 - Chicago
The first Ignite 2015 conference, Chicago - Monday, May 4th, Challenge what you know, reveal new opportunities, spark innovation, and see where technology is headed at the largest and most comprehensive Microsoft technology event. Join speaker : 00:00 Intro Microsoft Ignite, Common 03:36 Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft 32:50 Jose Angel Sanchez, Director General, Real Madrid 39:43 Joe Belfiore, C
Installing from Windows 1 to Windows 10
Installation: 00:00:03 MS-DOS 5.0 00:00:26 Windows 1.0 00:01:00 Windows 2.0 00:01:34 Windows 3.0 00:02:25 Windows 3.1 00:03:16 Windows 95 00:07:42 Windows 98 00:16:25 Windows ME ----- 00:27:05 Windows NT 3.1 Workstation 00:31:54 Windows NT 3.51 Workstation 00:39:00 Windows NT 4.0 Workstation ----- 00:45:53 Windows 2000 Workstation ----- 00:58:07 Windows XP Professional 01:12:17 Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Build 2016 | Keynote Day 1 (HD)
Welcome to the Video for the MICROSOFT BUILD DEVELOPER CONFERENCE 2016 KEYNOTE DAY 1 From San Francisco, watch the latest news Microsoft has to offer to developers all over the world Join us in the comments to discuss what has been announced Subscribe to this channel for more Microsoft related news and coverage from Windows 10 Builds to Unboxings to Reviews to Speed tests AND MORE! Subscribe to th
Windows 9
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Windows All Sounds
Windows All Sounds
Music with Windows sounds
Windows sounds music "Cool music"
Evolution of Startup Sounds from Windows 3.1 to 10 | Mashable
Every Windows operating system release from Windows 3.1 to Windows 8 has shipped with a startup sound. Hearing the chimes assures you that your computer is working and starting up properly. With the release of Windows 10, the startup music is no more. In memoriam of the Windows startup sounds, we made a tribute video that shows the evolution of Windows throughout the years from Windows 3.1 to Wi
Windows Startup and Shutdown Sounds (Desktop Version)
Windows Startup and Shutdown Sounds (Desktop Version)
The History of Windows Startup Sounds
Recently I read a great nostalgic post on mashable about this exact topic. They presented all of these sounds in a video slide show of sorts, but you needed to click individually on each page. I felt it would be great to take the same content but morph it into a single video (which I have done) and I pasted all of their text for each one so you can read it all in a single glance. If find this wo
Top 5 Windows Startup & Logon Sounds
The top 5 best Microsoft Windows startup and logon sounds, in my opinion. 1. Windows Longhorn - Startup 2. Windows 2000 - Logon 3. Windows 98 - The Microsoft Sound 4. Windows 95 - The Microsoft Sound 5. Windows XP - Startup