32-bit vs 64-bit Computers & Phones as Fast As Possible
64-bit PCs have been around for a while, but even 64-bit PHONES are starting to show up! So what's the advantage versus a 32-bit device?? Sponsor message: Squarespace is the fast, easy way to create your own personal, professional, or business website with enough templates to suit any reasonable need! Get 10% off using offer code LINUS at Post about 64-bit compilers:
RAM - How Much Do You Need? Testing with 128GB of ECC
"How much RAM do I need in my PC?" is a question that we get A LOT. So we decided to run some tests and see if there was a "final answer." Edzel's super awesome paper: Crunchyroll link: Sponsor link: Pricing & discussion:
Installing Windows 98 on an SSD
I finally figured out something else to do with that damn SSD. Sorry for the wait on this video, guys.
Windows 10 for $20?
Can you get a legit copy of Windows 10 for $20? I got it here (not affiliated): My parent's PC ($470) - My Amazon Link (US): | (UK): My Store - Buy SHIRTS/MUGS/GLASSES: Jerry's (Barnacules) Disable Windows 10 Spying Video: Twitter: @paulhardwar
Does Windows 10 need antivirus?
Windows 10 Security Test: Does Windows 10 need an antivirus? or is the default protection good enough for you? Support TPSC on Patreon: Follow TPSC on Twitter: Check out the Facebook page:
$5,000 Graphics Card!? - HOLY $H!T Ep. 9
Can you game on a Quadro M6000? Is it that much better than a Titan XP? Only one way to find out... Buy Quadro M6000 on Amazon: Intel Skull Canyon NUC pre-roll: Discuss on the forum: Affiliates, referral programs, & spon
Steam As Fast As Possible
Steam has grown into the dominant platform for game distribution. How did we get from buying games on optical media to using Steam for most of our gaming needs? Freshbooks message: Head over to and don’t forget to enter Tech Quickie in the “How Did You Hear About Us” section when signing up for your free trial. Follow: Join t
Types of Hackers (Hats) Explained
What are "white hat," "gray hat," and "black hat" hackers, and what are some of the more noteworthy hacks from each group? TunnelBear message: TunnelBear is the easy-to-use VPN app for mobile and desktop. Visit to try it free and save 10% when you sign up for unlimited TunnelBear data. Follow: Join the community:
Windows 10 as Fast As Possible
What new features and capabilities can we expect from Windows 10? message: is your one stop shop for learning a variety of skills online, at your own pace. Visit to redeem your 10 day free trial and start learning today!
Windows Versions As Fast As Possible
Microsoft Windows has a long history of both successes and slip-ups. How did we get from Windows 1.0 in 1985 to Windows 10 today? message: Sign up for your 10-day FREE trial at Follow: Join the community: