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Watch More Funny Cat & Cute Cat Videos: Sharing a bed with any pet can be difficult when one of you is snores in their sleep! This cat, while glad to be around their owner, doesn't like the noise they make when they're sleeping and tries to fix it! Maybe their owner will one day get the hint and buy some sleepin
Dog and owner sleeping and snoring
Golden Retriever named Harley and his owner Ryan taking a nap and snoring together.
Cat jealous over the owner
I was holding the kitten Lilly and my cat Vinny was so jealous. Vinny sleeps with me every night and is very spoiled. He.couldn't allow her to be on my lap
Dogs protect sleeping owner
Yup Yup and Tukee defend me from my wife who is trying to wake me up
Good grief this guy can snore
Dogs sleeping on owners belly! *adorable*
The three little pigs, LOL! When the boys wants daddys attention at the same time - then we pile up like this! We are the luckiest persons alive to recieve such love, humour and happiness!! Check out this funny, and super adorable video of Einar & Arthur! Sjekk de kosegrisene da! Når storebror og lillebror vil ha oppmerksomheten til pappa samtidig - da må vi bare legge oss i en haug alle sammen
4-Year-Old Boy Gets Tucked In Every Night By His German Shepherd
Baron, the German Shepherd adorably has the sweetest bedtime ritual with his little brother, Alexander. Everything the duo put away their toys, say their prayers and then gets tucked in by his best friend. After story time and some kisses goodnigh...
Funny bostonterrier and boyfriend sleeping and snoring. Together!!!!
Time lapse - Wife is gone, my dog sleeps with me
Watch what happens at 1:26 (3:30AM)
When your moms boyfriend thinks he does not snore