GIRLS 5x03 Jessa, Adam & Rey | Jemima Kirke, Adam Driver, Alex Karpovsky
GIRLS 5x06 - MARNIE & CHARLIE reunited | Allison Williams, Chris Abbott
YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY GO WATCH THE ENTIRE EPISODE!! (There are so many scenes that I couldn't add in this video) HBO Girls 5x06
Adam and Jessa
Letting Go of Girls and Getting Out of Her Own Way: Jemima Kirke
Best known as Jessa on HBO’s Girls, artist Jemima Kirke is often ascribed the same carefree spirit as the character she portrays on the show. Plainly put, that is not true. Outspoken and unflinchingly self-aware, Jemima explains in her interview, “One of the reasons I was hired for Girls was because of a persona that I have, and some sort of brightness they wanted in the show. It wasn’t an a
How Well Does the Cast of "Girls" Really Know Each Other? | Glamour
Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, and Zosia Mamet play "Who Knows You Best," guessing everything from Kirke's favorite curse word to Williams' favorite dance move. CONNECT WITH GLAMOUR Web: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Instagram: Pinterest:
HBO Girls 3x08 "Bathtub Scene" English accent - Lena Dunham, Adam Driver
HBO Girls Season 3 Episode 8
HBO Girls - Jessa & Adam EPIC FIGHT 5x10 Season Finale 2/2 | Jemima Kirke, Adam Driver, Lena Dunham
HBO Girls 5x07 Hannah finds out abt Jessa & Adam | Dunham, Jemima Kirke, Joanne Tucker, Adam Driver
Jessa and Adam "Nothing can ever happen. "
Girls S05E02, Girls 5x02, Girls Good Man 00:00 - Hey! - Jesus fucking Christ. 00:03 - (Laughing) Sorry. - You cannot grab people like that. 00:05 - Sorry. - I thought you were a murderer. 00:07 (Sighs) Okay. 00:09 No, no, no. We should talk about what happened. 00:12 We most certainly should not talk about that. 00:14 Yeah, we should. 00:15 For our sobriety. 00:17 You know what we should do? We
Adam trying to kiss Jessa
Adam Sackler, Jessa Johansson, Adam Driver, Jemima Kirke, Girls, Japan, Girls 5x03, Girls S05E03, Season 5, 00:00 What are you doing? 00:03 We're just friends. 00:07 Are we? 00:11 Um I'm not doing this "will they, won't they" shit. 00:15 No fucking way. 00:17 I'm sorry. 00:19 Thank you. 00:21 Bye. 00:23 (Door closes) 00:24 (Scatting as he acts a scene) 00:32 (Imitating gunshots) 00:33 (Groans, i