Bench fail
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Gym -- bench press FAILS
Bench Press Fail (safety bars failure)
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EPIC bench press fail guy calls his father
How To Not Die While Bench Pressing
Watch Omar's video - MattDoesFitness - Bryce's Video ...
Bench Press Fail | Worst Spotter Ever
This guy should have though about picking a better spotter, but he only realizes it's too late when he has the weight falling on his chest! Original Link: ...
Epic Bench Press Fail
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Hilarious Bench Press Fail - No Spotter
So the other day I tried to bench 60kg for 3 reps and it went miserably wrong, especially when I tried to tip the weight off the bar.
410 bench (fail) attempt at 150 body weight 11-3-14
First attempt at 410lb. Had a rough night as 15 month old Lucas needed me at 4:50/5:30am finally getting up at 6:30am. He's struggling with the time change ...
Fail - Bench Press Fail
one handed bench press.
Bench press fail (ORIGINAL)
He almost died!!! We thought it was funny so he let us share it. WATCH TO THE END!!
405 max bench FAIL!!
1st time ever trying 405 and failing miserably. I weighed 155lbs on this day on 9/24/12. Will try again within a month. My buddy who was spotting me got his ...
Gym fail - Scary bench press accident!
Teenager somehow misses one side of the rack at the end of his set benching 225 lbs and almost crushes his own throat. Close call!....Was it the spotter's fault?
The WORST Bench Press Fail -- EVER
Nothing like dropping a ton of weight on yourself. Come on guy, you should be better than that! And to the spotter, well, you're fire.
Gym Idiots - Bench Press, Snatch & Overhead Squat Fails
A montage of gym fails with my acerbic commentary. To submit a clip for consideration, tag @elgintensity on Instagram or send me a message at ...
225 lb bench fail LMAO