Texas CHL Application Process
Brief overview of the Texas Concealed Handgun Application Process. For more information about the Texas CHL, visit the Texas DPS website or
What to Know Before Taking Your Texas LTC Class - Defender Outdoors
The Defender Outdoors Shooting Center in Fort Worth makes getting you Texas License to Carry as easy as pie. Just follow these easy steps and you'll be ready to come in, take the class, fingerprint, and take your proficiency exam all in one place! For more information on Defender Outdoors' Traning Classes, go here: http://defenderoutdoorsshootingcenter...
CHL Texas
If you are looking for CHL Texas information, we have you covered. We walk you through the process of getting your concealed carry license in Texas. Best Gun Safe Comparison Tool: Http:// CHL Texas Application: CHL Instructor List:
Texas CHL CCW Concealed Carry - Is this your sign?
A Quick video about some of the signs that can legally keep you out and some that can not.
Concealed Carry in Texas
This video goes over a couple of different things including gun signage, rules and laws of basic concealed carry in the State of Texas.
Texas CHL Concealed Handgun License Class 1
CHL Shooting Test
Re-rendered at 720 and reuploaded because OpenShot is fucking retarded. My CHL shooting test. There would have been some awesome 3rd camera footage from the quadrotor, but as it turns out, the video camera doesn't record video unless YOU FUCKING PRESS THE RECORD BUTTON! DDDDDDDEEEEEERRRRRRRRPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!! I M SO SMART. S-M-R-T SMART. Oh well, as the saying goes, "2 out of 3's not bad". Le
New law makes it easier to carry concealed handguns in Texas
LUMBERTON-By: Leslie Rangel A new state law took effect September 1 that cuts the number of hours to acquire a concealed handgun license. Instead of ten hours, you'll need a mininum of four and a maximum of six. Some critics argue the reduced hours may increase the potential risk of misusing a handgun. Brad Bennett teaches concealed handgun classes at Lone Star Gun Range in Lumberton. He sa
Texas License To Carry (LTC/CHL) Proficiency Demonstration Course of Fire - Range Qualification
Texas License To Carry (LTC/CHL) Proficiency Demonstration Course of Fire - Range Qualification The following License To Carry Proficiency Demonstration Course of Fire is required for all License To Carry (LTC - former CHL) candidates in the state of Texas for proficiency demonstration as a part of the mandatory Texas License To Carry class. Texas License To Carry Proficiency Demonstration Cours
Texas CHL Qualification
Updated 8/8/2016: The Texas License to Carry (LTC, formerly CHL) proficiency course of fire. 20 rounds from the 3 yard line, 20 rounds from the 7 yard line and 10 rounds from the 15 yard line. For more information about getting your Texas LTC in the Ellis County/South Dallas County area, check out our website at Facebook: