CCW Holder Saves Cop!
A quick story of a recent gunowner saving a cop from a lunatic!
Portland Mall Shooter Stopped by CCW holder, Media lies by omission.
Found this news report. Notice it did not become breaking news on CNN and was hardly mentioned other places. This is how the media lies by omission. Our "news" is nothing more than propaganda.
Three thugs attack CCW holder with baseball bats, two shot dead
MILWAUKEE (WITI) — FOX6 News is learning more after two teens were shot to death on Milwaukee's north side on Wednesday afternoon, March 12th. Milwaukee police say a 39-year-old maintenance worker is in custody at the Milwaukee County Jail in connection with the shooting. But could this be a case of self-defense? A 19-year-old man and a 17-year-old girl were shot and killed in an apartment buil
CCW holder shoots would-be robber
CCW holder shoots would-be robber
1 dead, 1 shot, 1 hit by car - CCW holder refuses to be victim (Texas)
For more on this and other defensive gun uses, go to:
Texas CHL CCW Concealed Carry - Is this your sign?
A Quick video about some of the signs that can legally keep you out and some that can not.
Concealed Carry Protocal on a Traffic Stop, "Street Cop, Straight Talk"
Be safe, CCW Protocol on Traffic Stops...
Concealed weapons permit holder shoots robber in own driveway
A homeowner is forced to use his legally concealed gun as two men attempt to rob him and his girlfriend.
Concealed carry prevents armed robbery
The Aldi customer who shot an armed robber in the store Monday won't face any criminal charges, prosecutors confirmed Friday. Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm said the law allows use of reasonable force in threatening situations, regardless of whether the shooter has a concealed-weapons permit, which the customer did. "He disrupted an act that potentially exposed himself and othe
Concealed Carry Permit holder shot in the Back and in the Head by Hazelton Pa Police
Jonathan Garay, a local business owner, was shot by police at his home in Hazelton Pa. Police say Garay reached for the weapon leading officers to open fire.. however several witnesses as well as members of Garay's family who were present at the time of the shooting are telling a much different story. Pa State police are investigating the incident. The Officer who discharged his weapon is currentl