Three thugs attack CCW holder with baseball bats, two shot dead
MILWAUKEE (WITI) — FOX6 News is learning more after two teens were shot to death on Milwaukee's north side on Wednesday afternoon, March 12th. Milwaukee police say a 39-year-old maintenance worker is in custody at the Milwaukee County Jail in connection with the shooting. But could this be a case of self-defense? A 19-year-old man and a 17-year-old girl were shot and killed in an apartment buil
CCW - I just shot some one now what?
The worst case scenario has happened and you have had to use your firearm in self defence and have shot someone. Now what do you do? Answers to this very hard question from Attorney Joshua Prince
Portland Mall Shooter Stopped by CCW holder, Media lies by omission.
Found this news report. Notice it did not become breaking news on CNN and was hardly mentioned other places. This is how the media lies by omission. Our "news" is nothing more than propaganda.
5 Things Every Concealed Carrier Should Know
In this video Instructor Zero shares some advice for extracting from concealed carry. He demonstrates OWB and IWB tips and tactics to ensure a true draw with speed and accuracy. The holster used in
Conceal Carry Holder Survives Workplace Shooting - First Person Defender
In this episode of First Person Defender®, our Defender is under attack at work. First Person Defender takes regular "good guys" and puts them in an intense, real life, self-defense situation. We use Simunition guns and ammo, and force on force training to see what works, and what doesn't. Watch all of the seasons of First Person Defender on YouTube! Season 3: Season
Las Vegas CCW permit holder defends himself!
Good guys: 1 Bad guys: 0
Good guy with a gun: concealed carry permit holder saves the day in Aurora, Colorado - TomoNews
AURORA, COLORADO — One robbery suspect was killed and two others were seriously injured after a failed robbery attempt on Friday evening in a quiet Aurora, Colorado neighborhood. A man and two friends were moving into a condo at Bayberry Condominiums in Aurora, when three men, reportedly armed with at least one handgun, entered the condo and demanded cash. Two of the movers reached for their
1 dead, 1 shot, 1 hit by car - CCW holder refuses to be victim (Texas)
For more on this and other defensive gun uses, go to:
CCW Holder Saves Cop!
A quick story of a recent gunowner saving a cop from a lunatic!
Concealed carry kills robber at Dollar store
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -Police say a customer in the Dollar General store on Monday night fired three shots, killing one of two armed robbers. The second suspect was arrested and is facing several charges, including murder because his partner died during the commission of a felony. Quick Clicks JSO: Customer shoots, kills robber The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said the customer had a .45-calib