Gymnast Without Legs Remembers The Moment She Found Out Her Idol Was Her Sister
An athlete who defied the odds has released a book about the miracle of her life to inspire others to go after what they want. Jen Bricker's new book, 'Everything Is Possible: Finding the Faith and Courage to Follow Your Dreams,' charts the 28-year-old woman's journey to become a powerhouse gymnast despite challenges along the way. Bricker was born without legs and was put up for adoption after be
Hair Stylist's Kind Gesture Leaves Mom of Boy With Autism in Tears
Isaiah McCafferty, 4, was photographed getting his hair cut while sitting in the lap of stylist Kaylen Baker of Sports Clip. The photo, which his mom posted to Facebook, is now going viral. Getting a haircut is not always easy for the boy with autism, but his mother is publicly thanking the West Virginia stylist, who went out of her way to make the experience much more comfortable for him. Instead
Mother Raising Daughter in Jail Spared from Firing Squad
American heiress Heather Mack is being spared the firing squad thanks to the birth of her daughter behind bars. A single tear ran down 19-year-old's cheek when she heard prosecutors will no longer seek death as punishment for murdering her wealthy...
After Student Is Lost for 5 Days in Desert, How To Avoid Getting Lost with GPS
Did a college student's GPS nearly lead her to disaster? Amber Vanhecke, 24, was driving to the majestic Grand Canyon when she says her GPS told her to turn down a road that didn't exist. She ran out of gas and was stranded for five days in the desert before she was finally rescued. "I wanna leave messages for you guys but every time I think about it I just start crying," she said in a video diary
President Trump Gets Mocked After Getting Behind The Wheel of Truck
President Trump got the behind the wheel of a big rig parked on the White House lawn. Social media went wild with memes over the president's expressed on the truck. The President is also facing backlash for what he told TIME magazine, "I can't be doing so badly, because I'm president, and you're not," he told the reporter. Seth Meyers claims The President stole the line from a "Saturday Night Live
City Settles For $20,000 After Woman Claims She Was Tased With Extreme Force
A woman who sued police after she said she was tasered and slammed to the ground by officers has settled her case. Aranda Wendell was awarded $20,000 after settling with the City of Stuart over what she said was their use of excessive force following her arrest. Wendell's interaction with police was caught in bodycam footage that she says proves she was treated with excessive force. "I had nothing
Student Taped Message to Family While Stranded in Grand Canyon Before Rescue
More from Inside Edition: A desperate young woman leaves a heartbreaking video message for her family after being stranded in the Grand Canyon for days. 24-year-old Amber VanHecke was on spring break when she says Google Maps gave her bad directions and told her to drive down a non-existent road. VanHecke eventually ran out of gas and had to create a massive "help" sign out o
Father of 4 Faces Deportation to Mexico for Incident That Happened 17 Years Ago
This father of four with a restaurant to run is in federal custody and facing deportation over an incident that happened more than a decade ago. Roberto Beristain's wife explains he came into the country from Mexico illegally in 1998 but got the proper documentation to work and start his Indiana business. When Roberto went for his annual check in with immigration officials his wife says he was de
'CHiPs' Star Larry Wilcox: New Movie Is 'Dumb and Dumber on Motorcycles'
Everyone's favorite motorcycle cops are back on patrol as "CHiPS" has been made into an "R"-rated action comedy. Dax Shepherd and Michael Pena are the new Ponch and Jon from the classic TV series. But Larry Wilcox, who starred in the original series alongside Erik Estrada, isn't impressed. "'Dumb and Dumber.' Soft porn on motorcycles. I thought, 'Wow this is like soft porn, 'Dumb and Dumber' on mo
Parents Accused Of Killing Adopted Deaf Son And Covering It Up: Cops
Two parents were charged after they allegedly murdered their 16-year-old adopted son and then tried to cover it up, according to authorities. Ernest Franklin II, 35, and Heather Franklin, 33, allegedly started a fire home to cover it up 16-year-old Jeffrey Franklin's death, but an autopsy later determined that the handicapped teen was dead before the fire, police said.'s Leigh Sc