Gymnast Without Legs Remembers The Moment She Found Out Her Idol Was Her Sister
An athlete who defied the odds has released a book about the miracle of her life to inspire others to go after what they want. Jen Bricker's new book, 'Everything Is Possible: Finding the Faith and Courage to Follow Your Dreams,' charts the 28-year-old woman's journey to become a powerhouse gymnast despite challenges along the way. Bricker was born without legs and was put up for adoption after be
Hair Stylist's Kind Gesture Leaves Mom of Boy With Autism in Tears
Isaiah McCafferty, 4, was photographed getting his hair cut while sitting in the lap of stylist Kaylen Baker of Sports Clip. The photo, which his mom posted to Facebook, is now going viral. Getting a haircut is not always easy for the boy with autism, but his mother is publicly thanking the West Virginia stylist, who went out of her way to make the experience much more comfortable for him. Instead
Cashier Makes Boy With Cerebral Palsy's Day When She Has Him Scan Groceries
A simple act of kindness went a long way when a cashier asked a young boy with cerebral palsy to help ring up groceries. Jeanie Robinson says her son, Andy, was smiling ear to ear after the unexpected day at the store. He first helped his mom push the grocery cart around the market until it was too heavy but when they got to the checkout line, an employee asked for his assistance.
Mother Raising Daughter in Jail Spared from Firing Squad
American heiress Heather Mack is being spared the firing squad thanks to the birth of her daughter behind bars. A single tear ran down 19-year-old's cheek when she heard prosecutors will no longer seek death as punishment for murdering her wealthy...
100 Bikers Came To Birthday Party For Motorcycle-Loving Boy With Cerebral Palsy
When a mom reached out to bikers in her community to ask them to come to her son's birthday party, she never expected so many would show up. Zane Evans has cerebral palsy, but his mother Keira says he loves motorcycles. She says she wanted to do something special for his thirteenth birthday, so she reached out to bikers on a Facebook page asking for some people to bring their bikes to his party.
Woman Goes To The Bathroom At Car Dealership, Delivers Baby In Minutes
More from Inside Edition: A routine oil change turned into a not so routine child birth. Adam and Amanda Sherman took their truck to the car dealership for some maintenance work near their home in Pennsylvania when all of a sudden she delivered the baby in minutes. Adam who was dealing with his truck at the time didn't even realize until someone from the shop came out with t
Cops Lay Wreath At Icy Pond Where 6-Year-Old's Body Was Discovered
It was a cold, snowy day but that didn't stop loved ones from remembering the warmth of little David Puckett. Officers laid a wreath in his honor during a memorial service for the 6-year-old boy. David's body was recovered from an icy pond not far from his Colorado home. He vanished on New Year's Eve never to be seen again.
Parents Get Married In NICU To Include Preemie Baby In Ceremony
When Phil Nguyen thought about asking Lilly to marry him, he wanted to do it in a special way. Lilly had just given birth to their son, Lucas, at 24 weeks, so the proud father decided to include him. Still in the NICU at Texas Children's Hospital, Lucas wore a sign asking his mother to marry his father when the couple visited him. Lilly said yes and, naturally, the next step for the duo would be a
GoFundMe Campaign To 'Protect Betty White From 2016' Exceeds Fundraising Goal
2016 has been very cruel. It took Prince, David Bowie, and recently George Michael and Carrie Fisher. One man wants to make sure it doesn't claim another beloved celebrity. Demetrios Hrysikos started a GoFundMe campaign to protect 94-year-old Betty White from 2016's wrath. He says," If she's okay with it I will fly to where ever Betty White is and keep her safe till Jan 1, 2017." He's already exc
Famous California Tree That Draws Crowds Topples Over In Storm
As the northwest is pummeled by the region's strongest winter storm in a decade, the wild weather has been blamed for the destruction of a beloved and historic sequoia tree. Melting snow in higher elevations has combined with heavy rain to flood areas of California and nearby Nevada. The Pioneer Cabin Tree is the most popular attraction at the Calaveras Big Trees park in California. Rushing floodw