2012 Huge 24 inch shells collection (600mm shells) 2尺玉コレクション
Japanese Big Shells collection! Many 24 inch (600mm)shells! 2012年に見た2尺玉をまとめてみました!なんとその数、豪華絢爛27発!!大きいが故に、広い打ち上げ場所が必要なので、日本でもなかなか見ることができない貴重な2尺玉の数々を、どうぞごゆっくりお楽しみください! ※著作権の都合上で、一部
Firework War!
FWsim Mount Fuji Synchronized Fireworks Show
せっかく背景が河口湖の産屋ヶ崎から見た富士山なのに、花火で富士山を消していくスタイルです(爆)。前回の作品から1年半も経ちましたが、新しい花火というと、七色に変化する星くらいです。むしろ前できたものが、今はできなくなってしまい・・・・・・。 以下どうでもいいコメントで
1 MILLION Fireworks Set Off At The Same Time
Fireworks vs Town! 1 Million Fireworks Set Off at the Same Time! 4th of July, May 5th Like Xplicit Nation on
Super Awesome Extreme Huge Firework Tank Battle
Twelve firework tanks and some chickens for a huge barrage. This was in 2011.
Chinese Fireworks
Steel Wool Fireworks on the Beach
Two years ago I uploaded a video showing how I make fireworks using steel wool and a length of wire. I had a great opportunity to film under a nice sunset and decided it was about time I filmed these fireworks again, with a little bit of an updated method. Here is my previous video for anyone interested in seeing more: A note based on a question or two asked: These fir
Huge Fireworks Explosion: 900 Millimeter Shell
This is a video clip of the highlight of 2009 Fireworks Festival in Kumano, Japan. The whole display went on for nearly 2 hours, but this clip is just "The Big One" that gets detonated about 20 minutes before the display completes. The show was AMAZAZING and is highly recommended if you ever have the opportunity to see it.
長岡花火大会2012年2日間の総集編 Fireworks the most beautiful in the japan.
★ 2015 8.3 復興祈願花火「フェニックス」復興への感謝【4K】 Special fireworks; PHENIX:Phoenix-shaped fireworks & Nagaoka fireworks. festival 毎年8月2日と3日の2日間行われる長岡花火大会の2012年を30分間にダイジェスト。怒濤の打ち上げは繊細かつ壮大。ビデオで見るのと実際に見るのとで
2015 Homemade Firework Show INSANE FINALE!!
2015 Homemade Firework Show INSANE FINALE!!