Aleppo evacuation stalls as tense ceasefire breaks down
Evacuations out of the rebel-held enclave of Aleppo have stalled after a fragile ceasefire broke down. Thousands of people were evacuated on Thursday from the last rebel-held district in eastern Aleppo, marking a significant victory for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Read more: Subscribe for more from the ITV News team:
Hamadé: Evakueringen av östra Aleppo stoppad
Kassem Hamadé på plats i östra Aleppo
Exfruns sista brev till dödsdömde svensken
Exfruns sista brev till svenske Ferry Linnbark, 47, som dömts till döden genom hängning.
George Galloway interviews Peter Oborne on battle of Aleppo
From BBC News: The evacuation of east Aleppo has been halted, with reports of shooting and rebels accused of failing to respect a deal to lift sieges of their own. At least 6,000 civilians and rebels are said to have left Aleppo, Syria's largest city, since Thursday after the government recaptured most of the city. Among the evacuees are at least 2,700 children, a UN agency reports. But thousa
"Paradise"-stjärnorna om festerna vi inte fick se i tv
Aleppo berduka #savellepo "mawtini"
Aleppo berduka
Hezbollah and Iranians hold up convoys fleeing Aleppo says witness
Prizewinning 29-year-old independent journalist Hadi Abdullah has been reporting in the west of the province of Aleppo, controlled by the Syrian opposition. He was able to join one convoy that successfully made it to safety, but not everyone is so fortunate he told euronews: "The civilians who left Aleppo were crying for having to leave their city in these conditions. They were saying that the
Syria: Assad celebrates 'history' as Aleppo is 'liberated'
Until very recently parts of eastern Aleppo had been controlled by rebels - despite the pounding from government forces and their Russian allies. Now the Syrian flag is flying again, marking an end of years of fighting for the city. It's not the end of the country's civil war - but it's a triumph for its president who not so long ago was being written off. Bashar al-Assad recorded a video messa
قول المشايخ في حلب وسبب سقوطها Aleppo
راي العلماء في سقوط حلب تبرير لقلة حيلتهم اوالقول فية بواقعيه وعقلانية The fall of the city of Aleppo
Syria: Disoriented terrorists in Aleppo
Finally, the glorious Syrian Arab Army managed to besiege terrorist groups in Aleppo East, after taking the castle road and thousands of terrorists fleeing from the Bani Zeid neighborhood to Aleppo North with fear of being besieged, today several groups of terrorists surrendered to the Army Sirius and with them more than 80 Syrian families who remained as human shields, were able to leave the terr