We are about this video a day ago, through many online news sources. We don't know if they are actually going to make a TV show on this. Link to the original video:
The Real Housewives of ISIS
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Liberals HATE this intolerant new TV show: Real Housewives of ...
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BBC's sketch "The Real Housewives of ISIS" goes viral
BBC Two broadcast a sketch making fun of British women who've been groomed by Daesh and joined the terrorist organisation. The video went viral, but not everybody was laughing. Subscribe: Livestream: Facebook: Twitter:
Real Housewives of ISIS - BBC 2 Revolting Episode 1 - funny viral videos 2016-2017, obama trump
Clip from the BBC Revolting - Episode 1
Katie Hopkins Talks about real housewives of ISIS
Katie Hopkins Talks about real housewives of ISIS
Real Housewives of ISIS (Parody)
This BBC satire sparked strong reactions when it appeared in early this year. But many do not realize that this parody was masterfully scripted to debunk every recruiting technique employed by ISIS to lure vulnerable women and girls to join their cause. Our review explains the frightening realities behind this faux "reality series" as illustrated through examples of young women around the world w
ISIS Women Unveiled (Terrorism Documentary) - Real Stories
Penetrating the secret ISIS circles in Britain, this undercover investigation exposes the secret circles of British women who support ISIS. Led by two young female British Muslim reporters the production team manages, over 12-months, to infiltrate an inner circle of British women glorifying jihadis and promoting extreme Isis ideology both online and directly to women and young impressionable girl
How Women’s Lives in Iraq Changed After ISIS Arrived | Salaam Dunk, Bonus 2
Dilband Hassan was one of the original basketball team players at AUIS when Salaam Dunk was filmed. In the years since then, she has graduated from university and even started her own basketball club for women. Sadly, since ISIS came to Iraq in 2014 much has changed for her and everyone in Iraq, and basketball has gone to the wayside. See the whole Salaam Dunk series here:
MUST WATCH: The Real Housewives Of ISIS
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