Mom Of Boy Who Saved Twin Brother From Falling Dresser Calls Him A Hero
More from Inside Edition: The mother of the two-year-old who saved his twin brother from being crushed by a dresser is now speaking out. Bowdy Shoff is being hailed a superboy for pushing the heavy dresser that had fallen on his twin brother, Brock. In the surveillance video, the twins were climbing on the Ikea dresser at their Utah home when it tipped over Sunday. The dress
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Dead' premature baby came back to life after mum begged to cuddle him for a few last moments
First-time parents Kate and David Ogg were heartbroken when they were told one of their twins - born 2 minutes apart at just 26 weeks - had stopped breathing and had just moments to live. Thinking it was the only time they would have with the tiny boy they had already decided to name Jamie, Kate asked to be able to hold the lifeless child, and told David to climb into the hospital bed for a tender
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The incredible moment boy, two, shows fantastic strength and saves his twin brother from being crushed by a falling dresser. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes - including extra small, as a two-year-old Utah boy discovered when his twin brother rescued him from a fallen dresser. Toddler Brock Shoff was playing in his bedroom when a dresser tipped over onto him as his brother Bowdy - and the home
Little Girl Lost: More than 600 people ignore lost child in TV experiment
Subscribe to ITN News: In a social experiment for a TV documentary 616 people were filmed walking past two young girls, who were left alone in a London shopping centre. Seven-year-old Uma Rumsey and her sister, Maya, who's five, were taken to Victoria Place shopping centre, next to Victoria Station. They were left alone separately - but with tight security around them - obvio
Cell Phone Photo Saves Toddler's Life
After seeing a white glow in a picture, Julie Fitzgerald discovered her son had tumors covering 75 percent of his eye.
Boy Saves Baby Brother
SUBSCRIBE to Trambolino: 9-Year-Old Boy Praised For Saving Baby Brother Who Fell Off Changing Table
Toddler saves twin from being crushed under chest of drawers
Video has captured the moment a two-year-old boy rescued his twin brother after a chest of drawers they were playing in crashed over on top of him. In the footage, Brock and Bowdy Shoff are seen trying to climb inside drawers in the unit, before it falls over and pins Brock underneath one corner. His brother then calmly stands thinking about the problem as Brock struggles to free himself, before
9-year-old saves baby brother from fall
A Florida woman is counting her blessings after video captured what could have been her worst nightmare. The mother's baby rolled off the changing table while she had her back turned for a moment. Luckily, her 9-year-old son was able to catch his sibling before the baby hit the ground. CBSN's Reena Ninan and Vladimir Duthiers have more on this possible tragedy turned triumph.
'Miracle' catch: 9-year-old saves falling baby brother
South Florida boy grabs infant as he toppled off changing table