Mom Of Boy Who Saved Twin Brother From Falling Dresser Calls Him A Hero
More from Inside Edition: The mother of the two-year-old who saved his twin brother from being crushed by a dresser is now speaking out. Bowdy Shoff is being hailed a superboy for pushing the heavy dresser that had fallen on his twin brother, Brock. In the surveillance video, the twins were climbing on the Ikea dresser at their Utah home when it tipped over Sunday. The dress
Dead' premature baby came back to life after mum begged to cuddle him for a few last moments
First-time parents Kate and David Ogg were heartbroken when they were told one of their twins - born 2 minutes apart at just 26 weeks - had stopped breathing and had just moments to live. Thinking it was the only time they would have with the tiny boy they had already decided to name Jamie, Kate asked to be able to hold the lifeless child, and told David to climb into the hospital bed for a tender
Cell Phone Photo Saves Toddler's Life
After seeing a white glow in a picture, Julie Fitzgerald discovered her son had tumors covering 75 percent of his eye.
Water Bottle Flip Trick Shots 2 | That's Amazing
More Water Bottle Flip Trick Shots by That's Amazing! These bottle flips took hours, and we hope we flipped the bottles better than last time! Thanks so much for watching! Song : Blank By : Disfigure Link : Follow Disfigure: http://www
Bride-to-be killed in car crash after taking selfie just one month before the wedding
Check out our official website: Check out our Android app: Check out our iOS app: ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------- 26-year-old Collette Moreno was killed in a car crash on Missouri highway 5 last Friday while on the way to her bachelorette party at Lake of the
Boy Strangled in Blinds
An Oklahoma City family nearly loses their son when he gets tangled up in a blind cord at his home. Airing on KWTV News 9.
Caught on Camera: Brother, 9, saves toddler falling from table
A Florida family's security camera captured the moment a 9-year-old boy made a spectacular catch to save his 11-month-old brother from hitting the floor. A security camera inside the Bal Harbour home was rolling last month when Tila Levi placed her 11-month-old son on the changing table and turned her back to talk to her other children. The baby hangs a leg off the table for a moment before roll
Watch How This Brave Teen and 9-Year-Old Save Toddler From Drowning In Pool
Frightening moments of a child nearly drowning was captured on home surveillance video. Police say no adults were present when a 3-year-old girl stepped into a swimming pool in Orlando, Florida. The other people swimming didn't even notice her. Her arms began to flail as she tried to stay afloat. The girl's 9-year-old cousin spotted her almost underwater and pulled her out of the water. Then an 18
Watch This 8-Year-Old Sister Save Her Baby Brother From Kidnapping
More from Inside Edition: A menacing kidnapper was caught on surveillance camera running down the street with a toddler that was snatched from a playground and his brave siblings who are only 8-years-old and 10-years-old came to his rescue chasing after the kidnapper and s...
Little Girl Lost: More than 600 people ignore lost child in TV experiment
In a social experiment for a TV documentary 616 people were filmed walking past two young girls, who were left alone in a London shopping centre. Seven-year-old Uma Rumsey and her sister, Maya, who's five, were taken to Victoria Place shopping centre, next to Victoria Station. They were left alone separately - but with tight security around them - obviously alone and looking in need of help. The c