Lowepro Nova Sport 17L AW Camera Bag Video Review
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Camera Bag Durability Test pt. 1 (Crumpler, Domke, Lowepro and cheap Chinese bag)
We take a look at the Crumpler 6-million dollar home(, Domke F5X-C(, Lowepro Classified 200 AW( and a cheap Chinese bag (all shoulder bags) to see which one is strongest. Pricing Reference: Crumpler 6-million dollar home Domke F5X-C http://ww
Lowepro Nova Sports Series
Review: Lowepro Nova Sport 35L AW Camera Bag (What's in My Bag?)
This is review of a really awesome camera bag I recently bought at a great price, the Lowepro Nova Sport 35L AW camera bag. This shoulder bag is great because it has a ton of room and places to put things. It also comes with so many different types of dividers so you can configure the layout to what fits your needs. I hope you all enjoy the video (Bloopers at the end)! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ M
Lowepro Slingshot Edge 250 AW, Roxy's Road Trips
Roxy's Road Trips Review of the LowePro Slingshot Edge 250 AW
Think Tank Photo Airport TakeOff Review
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Lowepro Nova Sport 35L AW Unboxing and First Impressions
Here is a quick unboxing of the Lowepro Nova Sport 35L, and all the great features it has!
Lowepro Nova Sport 35L AW. What's in my bag?
What's in my bag? Lowepro Nova Sport 35L AW Rejoignez-moi sur : @HuguesHachd
Going from Plane to Beach with Lowepro Bags
When I'm on the plane, I use the Lowepro DSLR Video Fastpack 150 AW to hold my MacBook laptop, iPad mini, camera gear, and personal items. But on the beach, I think the Photo Sport Shoulder 18L is more appropriate and better suited for outdoor fun. Here's the system I use to seamlessly transfer my gear from one bag to the other. Movie by Derrick Story.
Bolsa Nova Sport 7L AW Lowepro
Quem gosta de fotografar e usa equipamentos de qualidade sabe da necessidade de cuidar bem deles e a Bolsa Lowepro Format é ótima pra isso. Pra começar, ela protege a câmera da chuva, poeira e arranhão. Dessa forma, você desfruta do equipamento por mais tempo. Aí sim, heim! E olha só que legal! O compartimento principal é totalmente removível, assim, ele vira uma prática bolsa para o di