Windows History (1.0 - 10)
== IT WOULD BE A PLEASURE IF YOU WILL READ THE DESC, WITH MORE UPDATES == The Microsoft Windows History from Windows 1.0 up to Windows 10. Support dates for Windows Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10 are listed here: I'm also looking for translators for this video... so if you'd like to translate it, you can submit it and I'll publish it if it's translated
All Windows Startup And Shutdown Sounds.wmv
All Windows Startup And Shutdown Sounds. From Windows 1.0 To Windows 7.
Windows 1.01- 10 commercial
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Windows 9 Installer/UI [FULL HD] [CONCEPT]
This video is just some kind of tribute to Microsoft and rather old. Please don't lament about the weird design, or the fact that Windows 9 does not exist at all. If you don't like this concept that I've made when I was 13-years old, just close this video. Thank you. This video is not a official concept by Microsoft. It's just a tribute to Microsoft and the Windows operating systems. Don't call
All Windows Sounds | Windows 1.0 - Windows 10
All Editions of Windows Including Windows 1.0. The Sounds Start at Windows 3.1 and Continues to Windows 10.
The History of Apple in under 10 minutes
The History of Apple in under 10 minutes
All Windows Startup & Shutdown Sounds | Windows 1.0 - 8.1
Windows Startup & Shutdown Sounds | Windows 1.0 - Windows 8 The Presco Productions Website! Subscribe to Presco Productions! Presco Productions Videos! Follow us on Twitter @Prescofficial - @TomPresco --
EVERY Intel Animation (1971-2013) ALL!
Here's a lot of Intel animations, arranged by date. There are three of them that are fake (the first 2 ones and the first Pentium D animation), however the rest are real. Some of these aren't senn by many people, so be prepared. I do not own the videos.
Every Windows Ad 1.0 - 10
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The Microsoft Windows history - with startup and shutdown sounds (1985 - 2012)
The Microsoft Windows history from Microsoft Windows 1.0 to Windows 8 with all startup and shutdown sounds.