The Best Open Carry Stop Perfect Answers Stun The Santa Ana Police California
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Concealed Carry with Erika
Follow us on Facebook: Also Follow us on twitter:!/Cory07ink Erika working on effective techniques for engaging multiple threats with a Concealed Carry handgun.
Open carry your gun How to react to police when you have a concealed handgun permit and armed
Just another quick video gang let me know what you think ..Just aheads up this is what i do when i get pulled over ,when i have my fireArm on me ,I let them know I have one ,because if they run my license, They will find out & it could change everything, But not sure about handing it over like this guy ...Thanks for watching Also Guys If you would like to check out my Facebook page .I post vi
Concealed Carry Protocal on a Traffic Stop, "Street Cop, Straight Talk"
Be safe, CCW Protocol on Traffic Stops...
Interstate Travel Tips For Concealed Carry
This is a short video where I discuss some things that concealed weapons permit holders should consider when planning to travel out of state with a concealed weapon. Laws governing concealed weapons vary from state to state as do the laws governing the use of deadly force. Know the laws in each state you will be in before you go. I am not a lawyer. Find out for yourself what the law is.
Good guy with a gun stops bad guy: Concealed carry hero drops suspect beating on cop - TomoNews
ESTORA, FLORIDA — A man with a concealed weapons licence killed a suspect who was fighting with a police officer on Monday morning in Estero, Florida. According to local TV news outlet WINK News, Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy Dean Bardes was working a crash on Interstate 75 when a car drove past him. The vehicle was travelling at 120 miles per hour, reported police news website Leo Affairs, c
Ohio Cop compliments my Concealed handgun permit
Jackson township ,canton Ohio ..I was speeding 15 over the limit. I advised Him I was carrying and he was nice enough to give me a warning and then compliment me for carrying ..nice cop!
Carjacker Killed By Gun Permit Holder
Driver shoots it out with would-be carjacker at west side gas station DETROIT — Detroit police say a man shot a carjacker to death after the would-be thief shot him in the face. Police spokeswoman Sgt. Eren Stephens says a 36-year-old man was fueling up his SUV Tuesday evening on the city's west side when the carjacker approached him and demanded the vehicle at gunpoint. More http:/
Concealed Carry Customer Kills Robber January 23, 2012 Armed Citizen Stories by FirearmPop
Concealed Carry Customer Kills Robber January 23, 2012 Armed Citizen Stories by FirearmPop Support our Sponsers: Self Defense KeyChains: Paracord Bracelets: The purpose of Armed Citizen Stories is to report criminal encounters as they actually happened
Carrying a concealed firearm under light clothing
This video is just to demonstrate that a person can easily and effectively conceal a firearm under the lightest of clothing. We do not have to dress like slobs to carry.