Adidas – Break Free
Cinematographer:, Music: Editor: Director: Break Free. Cast Jens Weisser, Herman Van Ulzen, Anja Karmanski, Hiltrud Hauschke, Daniel Hubertus Crew Director / Script – Eugen Merher Producer – Karli Baumann, Karl Heidelbach DoP – Mortimer Hochberg Editor – Ernst Lattik Music –
Ladies Answer Sexual Arousal Questions That Guys Are Too Afraid To Ask
Guys have questions about how ladies get turned on… these ladies have answers. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! MUSIC Jolly Nice Friends Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. BUZZFEED.COM VIDEO POST OF PUBLISHED VIDEO ex: GET MORE BUZZFEED:
Adidas - Break Free Soundtrack
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Baufix – Home Alone // Wenn, dann richtig!,, Cast: Oliver Steffen, Markus Gillich, Marco Knaup, Boris Alexander, Till Florian Beyerbach, Katalyn Bohn, Lea Fassbender, Lieko Schulze, Andrea Sternbacher Crew: DoP - Mortimer Hochberg Producer - Karli Baumann, Marvin Marte Editor - Raquel Caro Nuñez Sound design - Robin Ha
Animal Heroes 4 (Best Edition) | Animal Saves And Helps Other Animal
Next Video: Animal Heroes 5 ( Attention, This edition is a compilation from the best part Of the previous video, I call it Animal heroes best edition. The last version of Animal Saves and Helps other animals. For next video, I will prepare for new one and new edition. Thanks for watching and enjoy it ;) :) Very Emotional, The animal heroes. Animal helps and saves oth
Break Free - Adidas - Alternate Ending - MashUp
Kleines MashUp mit alternate Ending. "There will always be a sausage"... Der Protagonist (blond, deutsch, immer noch zäh) im Originalvideo hält es mit dem Bremer Stadtmusikanten (einen besseren Platz zum Sterben finden wir überall). Perfide der "Sechzger"-Komplize (subtile Andeutung der vergangenen, unzuverlässigen Arbeiterklasse mit der Neigung zu anarchistischen Tendenzen). Der Held weiss, d
Adidas: Break Free......... Unless ( Wait for it )
Break Free.............................................unless WATCH TILL VERY END please subscribe and like Thanks Motivate and cry adidas commercial break free running shoes olympics funny dark humor dark humor famous inspiring motivation Italy PLEASE DONATE TO HELP FIGHT DEMENTIA
Sport Needs Creators - adidas
Hard work and dedication aren’t enough. Bring something new and different to the game. Tap into your imagination and use your creativity to be the difference. If you call yourself an athlete, create something. Sport needs you. ------------------------------------- From the pool to the hockey field. From spikes on the track to spikes on the volleyball court. From kick-off to the final whistle,
The Funeral
CLIENT amazon kindle DURATION 0’32“ SCRIPT & DIRECTORs christian schilling, eugen merher PRODUCER christian arnold DOP mortimer hochberg EDITORs christian schilling, eugen merher VFX justin braun MUSIC alexander wolf david SOUNDDESIGN robin harff COLOR CORRECTION peter hacker SHOT ON arri alexa
The Worse You Feel the Harder it is to Ask for Help
Something changes in your brain when you’re feeling crap. Without even realising it, you might begin to withdraw and feel like no one will be able to help you. You're likely to feel disconnected from the same people who you felt safe with and trusted before. This can put you at risk of feeling worse, or even serious problems like self-harm or suicide. On the plus side, the sooner you seek help