"Gift" - A very touching video. About Father and son.
"GIFT" is a short film about a son confronts the resentment towards his father only to realize his true intentions. A very touching video. (Thanks, Josh!) This Boy Never Saw His Dad As An Inspiration, Until He Found Out His Big Secret
The most touching commercial, 2013. Mind the gap, London. // Based on a true story, London.
The touching moment.... This is so touching!!!!
The touching moment.... This is so touching!!!! The child suffers from Down Syndrome the Dog can identify it as well as show his affection to the child. This is one of the most important thing that a person can give to any on suffering from Down Syndrome. Please Share it so as more and more can get the feeling of affection.
Try not to cry watching this!
This is a touching Iranian commercial about respecting ones parents. A man is sitting at a park bench (or in back yard) with his father, who seems to have memory problems or alzheimers disease. The father asks his son, "what is that?" pointing to a sparrow. the son replies but the father keeps asking again and again, which makes the son lose his temper and raise his voice at his father. The fat
The Story of an Old Father, His Son and the Sparrow...
A very touching and meaningful Greek short film about an old man and his son. I really appreciates this film because its showed why parents are always so special and important to us. Please don't hurt your parents. Enjoy!!! :-)
Cosmote Fluturele
Ad made by the Greek director Constantin Pilavios
A touching commercial that rubs the deepest part of your heart.
2011 commercial by MOE (Ministry of Education) Singapore. This video is not my property, nor do I have any part in this except for aiding in advertising this commercial.
[ENG SUB] Saddest Ads Love of Father (Dementia Dad) - Love your Papa, BEWARE !! Tears will drop !
Please press CAPTION / CC for Subtitle. Very sad and very true story. leave your love for those who love you the most. This video is about a single dad who raise his kid by himself and when he turned 58 he was sick with dementia (Alzheimer). For all those who still have parents, please love them before it is too late. song : 亂彈阿翔-永遠的靠岸
Father's Day - Most touching commercial EVER!
Family is important! Share this video to show you are proud of your father.
Touching Father's Love - Click Now to find anyone. Maybe its a long lost friend or relative, an "old flame" or childhood classmate, even if you cannot find them on Facebook you may find them here. -Story of Father's love and an unfathomable circumstance choice. video credits - rtm369 more videos at