Cockpit view - Boeing 747-400F Landing Amsterdam Schiphol
KLM Martinair Cargo Boeing 747-400ERF. Route was from Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam arriving just before sunset. The video starts with the initial descent positioning us on left base to intercept the ILS (instrument landing system) for a landing on runway 18R (Polderbaan). Taxiing back is to the cargo ramp on Schiphol East. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, EHAM / AMS Equipment: Sony Handycam and GoPro HERO
Fighter Pilot, Late Turn , Late Landing!!
Very Interesting Approach and Landing!! The reason for this title was the landing style, the captain lands the plane like a fighter plane!!
Top 5 most dangerous airports in the world! -=HD=- Aircraft landing in a side wind with no crash es
Top 5 most dangerous airports in the world! Planes sit in a crosswind without crash es Our video looking for: crosswind dangerous landing in crosswinds landing in poor visibility aircraft landing in the rain crosswind landing aircraft dangerous airports the most dangerous airport in the world most dangerous Mountain Airport mountain airport bad landing plane crash aircraft crash unsuccessful land
STORMY Winds 45Kts Extreme Landings Crazy Go Arounds || Madeira
Go arounds, Crazy Landings, Infernal afternoon
Sabrina makes perfect Airbus landing!
In the cockpit of the Air Arabia A320 for a flight from Peshawar Pakistan to Sharjah UAE. Find the full film at
Inexperienced girl trying to land A320 It is Greta’s very first time sitting in the cockpit and she has no idea how to handle the plane. BAA Training instructor Vilmantas will help her to face the challenge in Airbus A320 full flight simulator. In this experiment Greta acts as if she is alone in the cabin and tries to land an aircraft with the help of an air traffic controller only. Let’s wish Greta good
Christine's Stunning Night Landing!
First Officer Christine briefs and performs a great night landing at Toronto on the Air Canada Airbus A321 from Montego Bay. INFO
Wizzair Debrecen-London Luton Madárrajba Futás, Felszállás megszakítás, Gépkiürítés
Lublin EPLB, Cockpit view landing 25
POLAND, Lublin LUZ / EPLB A320 close visual landing rwy 25
Landing at Kumasi Airport December 2015