Payback's a b*tch, Bobby Ryan
From Mayor's Manor's interview with Bobby Ryan: Regarding Staples being a tough place to play at times, when do you remember it being the most challenging for you personally? It would be after the (Oscar) Moller hit, with about seven seconds left in that game. At the time I was heated up, so some of the co
GONGSHOW : Snipin' N' Chirpin' - Giroux vs Ryan What happens when Bobby Ryan returns to Ottawa for the start of the season and he finds local Ottawa lad and Philadelphia Flyer Claude Giroux still on his home turf? Little bit of Snipin', a little bit of Chirpin' ----------------------------------------------------------- GONGSHOW GEAR produces high quality LIFESTYLE HOCKEY (hats, hoodies, t-shirts), and can be found in
Zdeno Chara goes after Steve Downie 2/11/10 1080p HD
Steve Downie takes a run at Miroslav Satan, then Downie tries to fight him after Satan's hand was injured on the play. Later, Zdeno Chara tries to fight Downie despite having a dislocated finger, and Downie turtles, on February 11, 2010.
Bobby Ryan Huge Hit on MTL Alex Galchenyuk
Bobby Ryan's First Career Hat Trick (All 3 Goals)
Jan 8th, 2009. Bobby Ryan's first career hat trick (All 3 goals). Anaheim Ducks @ Los Angeles Kings. The third goal is a beauty. Visit
Bobby Ryan scores with Koivu's stick 12/12/10
In this bizarre sequence, Bobby Ryan gets his stick taken from him by Mikko Koivu and then scores with Mikko Koivu's stick.
Ovechkin Nails Bobby Ryan and Sets up Knuble 1/27/2010
Ovechkin throws a big hit on Ducks forward Bobby Ryan and undresses Scott Niedermayer and sets up Knuble
Bobby Ryan Highlight video
Bobby Ryan highlights. Best goals, hits and fights from his NHL career. The best of Bobby Ryan number 9 Anaheim ducks and Ottawa senators Patrick Stevenson !
Bobby Vs Beerleaguer: Call Your Shot
A beer league hockey player goes head to head against Bobby Ryan for a chance to win $100 Subscribe, Like and Comment for more. Twitter:
NHL - Player / Fan Fights Compilation [HD]
Players going into the stands fighting with fans. Sticks being thrown at fans to Milbury beating a guy over the head with his own shoe. You name it, hockey is the greatest sport on the planet. Songs: Gravel Switch - You Make Me Weak Stealing Eden - All I Need Check Out the Artists pages: http://ww