Taurus Model 85 .38 Special Ultra-Lite Revolver. A Little Work Goes A Long Way.
With a little trigger work and a spring kit this little snubby feels like a more expensive version of it's former self. "Music: Kevin MacLeod ("
Crosman SNR357 CO2 Dual Ammo Full Metal Revolver
Crosman SNR357 Full Metal Revolver Review - Muisc : Video title: beatsbyNeVs - Hard Trap Beat [FREE DL] Copyrighted song: Hard Trap Beat [FREE DL] Claimed by: beatsbyNeVs
Apache Knuckleduster Revolver at RIA The "Apache" was a combination knife, brass knuckle, and revolver made by several companies in Belgium and France, which became associated with a group of street thugs in Paris around the turn of the century. Cool Forgotten Weapons Merch! Theme music by Dylan Benson - http://dbproducti
Ruger Super Redhawk 44 Mag - First Shots!
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Dual Wielding Glock 20SF and HK USP Tactical 10mm vs. .40 vs. .45
Having two handguns I had to try out some dual wielding! It also makes for a great comparison of recoil between the different cartridges when they are being fired beside each other, check it out! Keep in mind that this is for fun only and is incredibly inaccurate, impractical, and a waste of ammo!
Shooting Power of a Ohio Made Hand Gun - 380 Hi Point Pistol During A Real Home Invasion !
A aggravated man with a Machete, kicked in an apartment door Feb. 2014. The lunatic was shot three times after he kicked in a neighbors door and came at the occupants with a machete. 229 S. Garfield, Pocatello, ID. It has been reported, that two couples, one upstairs and the other downstairs should be charged with disturbing the peace and aggravating the poor man to complete distraction. They purp
500 Magnum vs Watermelons
The mighty .500 S&W Magnum demonstrates its massive authority in a little bit of fun.! I always wondered what a "watermelon shower" was like. Now I know quite well. :-) This is probably the most commonly stolen video we have. Please let the thief know if you see it somewhere other than here on our channel. Thanks. ------------------- PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION and PLEASE support the
Smith&Wesson Model 10 .38 Special Revolver
Smith&Wesson Model 10 .38 Special Revolver
Chiappa Rhino 40DS .357 Magnum Revolver First Look (HD)
Chiappa White Rhino 40DS .357 Magnum Revolver Freedom Munitions: USE code "b9usa16" for 5% off until 12/31 - SSGuideRods: USE code B9USA for 10% off your order @ Steel Targets: AR500 & AR550 Steel Targets, USE code "B9USA" for 10% off your entire order @ Music by YouTube Creators & Machinima Sound
Shooting the NEW Ruger Ten-Shot 22 Long Rifle GP100 Revolver -
FOR MORE INFO: Jeff Quinn ( ) tests Ruger's new Ten-Shot 22 Long Rifle GP100 Revolver. The GP100 handles really well. The short lug barrel makes the revolver balance perfectly, and the double-action trigger pull is very easy to control. The single-action pull is crisp, with no hint of grittiness at all. The synthetic/wood grip fe