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PGI 2015 Super String | 2 million firecrackers!
Superstring at PGI 2015! This monster firecracker string had about 1.9-2 million firecrackers, along with a bunch of gasoline cremoreas!
Coolest fireworks ever
this is the number 1 fire work show in the world at Redlands, California Thx for a MILLION views; this is unreal!
Firework War!
firecracker prank on my friend while sleeping, nessboog is finally back and his health is getting better, i had to welcome him back the only way i know ;) Yesterday's Video -
TheOftlerer on Facebook =) Riesenböller Baumsprengung : Zylinderbombe vs Kugelbombe : Tschechenböller Vergleich :
Explosive Test with 10 000 Firecrackers
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Best of Fireworks - Extreme - (Fail)
Enjoy the movieclip "Best of Fireworks - Extreme - (Fail)" -made by -daven- Krasse und gefähriche Feuerwerksschauspiele - Nicht zum nachamen empfohlen ! subscribe - abonnieren - kommentieren Musik: Fire - Arthur Brown
10,000 Wala - India's Longest Firecracker in Chennai, Tamil Nadu We went to a few fireworks stores in Chennai, India and asked about the largest and longest crackers they had. What they had was "ten thousand wala" which is made by connecting 10,000 firecracker shells. There are no 20,000 walas, but you can make them by connecting two 10,000 walas. We weren't interested in that, so we bought the ten thousand wala for 80 dollars (5
Make an Easy Firecracker Cannon | Old Bullet Cartridge $2 for T-SHIRTS, behind the scenes and MORE! - "ideas" T-Shirt is $20 FREE shipping worldwide!! -follow me on instagram! - SUBSCRIBE for more awesome videos!!! **Video description here** **All of the ideas shown in any of my videos have the potential to be dangerous. Should you choose to repeat any of my designs/experiments I am not responsible for any injury