£6 million Lamborghini Veneno causes CHAOS in Central London!
The craziest car I have ever seen on the road, this Lamborghini Veneno is the prototype car and therefore 1 of 1, with a further 3 customer cars produced. The asking price of this car currently was reported by Lamborghini staff to be £6 million. As you can see, it drew a lot of attention, with a bus driver leaving his vehicle in the middle of the road for a few seconds. The car caught the attenti
Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador w/ Fi Exhaust - Start, Revs & Fly By's!
I got the opportunity to film this insane loud Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador with a Fi Exhaust System! It was together with a Libery Walk Ferrari 458 and a Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R R35. This video shows you the unloading, start ups, revs with flames and loud fly by's! I hope you enjoy the video! Feel free to hit the 'thumbs up' button if you like the video! Make sure that you follow me on Y
Lamborghini Veneno SOUND! Start Up + Driving On The Road!
This video features the $4.5 million dollar Lamborghini Veneno on display at the 2013 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in California USA. This ultra rare Lamborghini Veneno LP 750-4 is powered by a 6.5 liter V12 engine that produces 750hp. In this video you can see at the beginning some exterior and interior shots of the car, then you can hear its noisy V12 engine starting up. $5.0 Million Lambor
Złote Lamborghini Aventador wypadek Warszawa 1.01.2017 r.
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Numer 1 Najpiękniejsze złote Lamborghini w Dubaju. Cudo!
Got to love the cars in Dubai Dubai Gold plated Lamborghini
Złote lamborghini warszawa pełna wersja
Car New | Złote lamborghini aventador rozbite w centrum Warszawy. "Ubezpieczyciel ogłosi upadłość"
Car New | Złote lamborghini aventador rozbite w centrum Warszawy. "Ubezpieczyciel ogłosi upadłość" Warte fortunę złote lamborghini aventador LP700-4 uderzające w inny samochód na oczach warszawiaków, w samym centrum miasta to widok arcyrzadki. Wideo z kolizji nakręcone przez panią Asię Sierpień i Kacpra Rogowskiego - świadków zdarzenia zostało opublikowane na stronie Car Spotting
GOLD Lamborghini Aventador CAR CRASH in Warsaw on 1.01.2017 HD + Pics
GOLD Lamborghini Aventador CAR CRASH in Warsaw on 1.01.2017
Gold Aventador doing multiple drifts and flybys You are about to watch some behind the scenes video of the Project AU.79 Aventador short film by Prestige Imports Miami. The following video contains stunts performed by trained professionals on a closed course under very strict supervision. Any attempt to recreate these activities could result in injury, excessive tire wear, death, rock chips and signific