Puckat & Klart - Möllers mansion
Se hur Skellefteå AIK:s superstjärna Oscar Möller bor.
SM-GULD: Möller tar segerintervjuerna 2014
Den flygande reportern Oscar Möller intervjuar Karlsson, Bellemare och Holloway.
2009 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships: Sweden - Slovakia
Semifinal match of 2009 WJC in Ottawa between Slovakia and Sweden (3:5)
Sidney Crosby as a 14 year old
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Послематчевые буллиты на кубке Губернатора Нижегородской области Акбарс 2-1 Лада
По буллитам выиграла Лада 1:2! 0:1 Андрей Степанов 1:1 Оскар Меллер 1:2 Антон Шенфельд Вратари : Юсси Рюнняс #40 - Иван Касутин #53 Вратари:
Bobby Ryan Annihilates Oscar Möller
Huge clean hit in a game between the Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks on Thursday January 14th, 2010 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Was a minor charge but overall clean, no one was hurt, move on.
Fabian Brunnstrom First Game in NHL HAT-TRICK
Historical moment for the Swede Fabian Brunnstrom who became one of only two before him that scored three goals in NHL-debut game. NSH-DAL 15th October 2008
Sidney Crosby's first goal
Sidney Crosby's (#87) first goal in the NHL!
WJHC 2009: Sweden - Slovakia (Swedish commentary)
Semifinal match of 2009 WJC in Ottawa between Slovakia and Sweden (3:5)
Oscar Möller tar segerintervjuerna efter SM-guldet
Skellefteå AIK har precis vunnit SM-guld när Oscar Möller tar över micken och intervjuar spelarna i omklädningsrummet.