Texas CHL Qualification
Updated 8/8/2016: The Texas License to Carry (LTC, formerly CHL) proficiency course of fire. 20 rounds from the 3 yard line, 20 rounds from the 7 yard line and 10 rounds from the 15 yard line. For more information about getting your Texas LTC in the Ellis County/South Dallas County area, check out our website at Facebook:
Texas CHL course of fire passed by 12 year old girl.
My 12 year old daughter shows how easy it is to pass the Texas CHL course of fire. She is shooting a Glock 19. Thinking of getting your concealed handgun license? Visit us at
Watch the top tips for being able to shoot better today. Use just a couple of these tips and you can dial in your accuracy. Today I am using a Glock 19. This is a 9mm pistol. Do you love what you see? Would you like to Support my channel so that I can continue to make more awesome videos? Just click on the Fan Funding Icon on the video at the top left hand corner. Or click the icon on my home cha
7 Foxtrot Texas Concealed Handgun License Course - Proficiency Demonstration Course of Fire
For those looking to get a Concealed Handgun License in Texas they will need to take the mandated 4-6 hour class with a written test and shoot the Proficiency Demonstration course. This video describes the course and how 7 Foxtrot will conduct the course at the range.
The CHL Shooting Test
The CHL Shooting Test with a glock 23 .40 cal.
Texas License To Carry (LTC/CHL) Proficiency Demonstration Course of Fire - Range Qualification
Texas License To Carry (LTC/CHL) Proficiency Demonstration Course of Fire - Range Qualification The following License To Carry Proficiency Demonstration Course of Fire is required for all License To Carry (LTC - former CHL) candidates in the state of Texas for proficiency demonstration as a part of the mandatory Texas License To Carry class. Texas License To Carry Proficiency Demonstration Cours
5 newbie concealed carry mistakes
Here are five things I've noticed that people who are new or inexperienced with CCW do.
What to Know Before Taking Your Texas LTC Class - Defender Outdoors
The Defender Outdoors Shooting Center in Fort Worth makes getting you Texas License to Carry as easy as pie. Just follow these easy steps and you'll be ready to come in, take the class, fingerprint, and take your proficiency exam all in one place! For more information on Defender Outdoors' Traning Classes, go here: http://defenderoutdoorsshootingcenter...
A brief overview of Texas new designation for the CHL Program, which will become Texas License To Carry, or LTC. So...what's the difference in the two licenses?
4K: The Real Top 10 9mm Handguns in the World ★ GUN HIPSTER EDITION ★ (NO GLOCKS)
TOP 357s VIDEO: *PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION AND FAQ BELOW.* I even wrote out the list for you, and I bet I already addressed your comment. :-) These are my picks for the ten best 9mm handguns in the world. "Best" is of course a subjective term, and in this case I don't really mean "best" for concealed carry, or "best" for taking a Costa Ludus class. The