Chilling interview of ISIS fighters by Israeli reporters
A chilling insight into the lives of captured ISIS members by Israeli reporters. Patreon page: Translation and editing is hard work, any dollar helps! Copyrights Israel Channel 1. Translated and edited by Binyamin Edelman, subscribe for more informative content
ISIS torture survivor tells his story | The World
In the summer of 2014, the town Hamam al-Alil, Iraq, was one of dozens captured by ISIS as the group swept across large parts of Iraq. They turned this home into a prison. One man held there took us inside and described the torture he said he endured there. Read more:
Pbs Frontline The Rise of ISIS
Meet the Soldiers Who Say They Killed U.S. ISIS Fighter Douglas McCain
“Recently, we found the dead body of an American,” says Sheik Husam Atrash, leader of the Jaish al-Mujahideen brigade, an anti-Assad-regime resistance force and one of the factions of the Free Syrian Army that’s currently fighting ISIS. “We also found the American militant’s passport.” He shows it to us. It bears the name and the face of Douglas McAuthur McCain, reportedly the first A
ISIS Women Unveiled (Terrorism Documentary) - Real Stories
Penetrating the secret ISIS circles in Britain, this undercover investigation exposes the secret circles of British women who support ISIS. Led by two young female British Muslim reporters the production team manages, over 12-months, to infiltrate an inner circle of British women glorifying jihadis and promoting extreme Isis ideology both online and directly to women and young impressionable girl
Victims of ISIS
When in August 2014, ISIS invaded regions near Mount Sinjar in Iraq, the terrorists killed and abducted thousands of local Yazidi people many of them women and children who they sold openly at slave markets. The captives have had no one they could count on for help until one man decided to take on ISIS. Learn more at SUBSCRIBE TO RTD Channel to get document
ISIS Tattoo Prank on Muslim Dad!!!
Pulled the craziest prank on my Dad! Told him I got an ISIS tattoo. Make sure to spread love & peace. Share as much as possible. Love ya :)
Face the Truth New! Interview with an Ex-ISIS member.
Interview with an Ex-ISIS member. What is life like for an average fighter in ISIS? Is it the "Islamic State" as advertised? He will tell us his from his own perspective. Please share! Share! And Share again!
Iraqi sniper 62 year old who has fought in five wars kills over 173 ISIS fighters less than a year
The silver sniper: 62-year-old Abu Tahseen joined a Shia militia in Iraq in May 2015 to defend his homeland who has fought in five wars claims he has wiped out 173 ISIS jihadis in Iraq in less than a year Video shows him allegedly taking aim at jihadi sniper then shooting him dead Talks about how gun throws victims back a metre before 'putting them down' Claims he is so accurate that ISIS militant
Journalist who was inside ISIS tells how terrorists can be defeated
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