Wait Until You See What Happens To This Pregnant Lady At The Beach It's Jaw Dropping!
Nicole was deep into her pregnancy when she decided to spend a day relaxing on the beach. The footage her friend was able to capture is nothing short of astounding.
Walter Joshua Fretz nació prematuramente a las 19 semanas de ser concebido. Sorprendentemente vivió unos minutos. Su madre explica lo que ocurrió en este breve periodo de tiempo: «Lo alcé, lo abracé, mientras su corazón latía. Lo mantuve cerca de mi corazón, conté sus dedos de los pies y le besé la cabecita. Siempre guardaré los cálidos recuerdos que tengo de él». El testimonio ha c
El destino del bebé que nació 15 semanas prematuro
Todo vale la pena cuando el alma no es pequeña. El destino del bebé que nació 15 semanas prematuro (emocionante) Nació tres meses antes de tiempo, el bebé Ward Miles no tuvo el comienzo más fácil en la vida, pero gracias al amor de sus padres y un sinfín de dedicación de los médicos y enfermeras, el pequeño luchador pudo. Su padre, Benjamin Miller es un fotógrafo que trabaja bajo el n
Baby Born with Heart Outside Chest, Ectopia Cordis
A Texas baby, born with part of her heart outside her body ( Ectopia Cordis) , defies the odds and leaves hospital following a successful surgery. Full story: Baby Audrina was born with one third of her heart outside of her body - a rare and often fatal heart condition. It was first discovered when her mother, 25-year old Ashley Cardenas was 16 weeks pregnant. Barely a day after her birth on O
7-year-old boy's deathbed wish to save mother fulfilled
A 7-year-old boy dying of cancer has had his wish to save the life of his mother fulfilled. Brave Chen Xiaotian passed away on Wednesday after a long battle with brain cancer. In the months before his death, Chen insisted his kidney be donated to his mother who is battling uremia. Doctors successfully performed the transplant just hours after the youngster's death.
Premature birth
Premature babies
Mom hears son's heartbeat after his death
A mom in Arizona donated her son's organs after he died in 2013. Recently, she met with the family of one of the lives he saved. To sign up to be an organ donor visit
In Memory of Jeffrey "BABY" Drake
October 29th, 2009 15wks gestation my water broke and Baby drake was born to early. I was due April 18th,2010 Update *** jan 2015 we found out I was pregnant. We are due oct 2015. Im not 23wks today and it's a boy. Good has blessed us and hes beautiful. I will upload some kicks and his sonogram soon. Thank you for all of your support.
Baby Who Died at Birth Comes Back to Life Before Arriving at Morgue
A baby girl was pronounced dead at birth in a hospital south of Brazil. Several hours later, the newborn's grandmother arrived at the hospital to take the thought to be deceased newborn to the morgue and discovered she was alive. Most of us have heard stories about thought-to-be dead people coming back to life. Recently, a baby girl was pronounced dead shortly after birth in a hospital south o
5 Most Shocking Pregnancy | MALE give birth to a baby
Top 5 Most Shocking Pregnancy ● Facebook: ● Twitter: ● Instagram: Video Content: Mother of the world Tiniest Baby, 70 year old give birth,The mother with the most birth, MALE give birth to a baby, world youngest mother.Pregnant with Quintuplets Story that did not make it into the l