Nova Sport up and running
Nova Sport up and running after a year or so out of action.
Nova Sport at Harewood Hill climb
Vauxhall Nova Sport being driven by Matthew Pinder at Harwood Hill Climb. Car has a straight cut gearbox that makes all the noise.
Corsa 2.0 Vs. Twin 40 Nova Sport @ Performance Vauxhall 08'
Glenn's 2.0 8v Corsa Vs. William's Twin 40 Nova Sport @ Santa Pod, close race, but William had his nose ahead at the finish line!
Opel Corsa-Umbau - SUV Marke Eigenbau
Mit 250.000 km auf der Uhr und ohne TÜV wäre dieser Opel wohl reif für den Auto-Himmel. Doch unser Redakteur wittert die Chance seine ganz eigene Vision von einem Spaß-Auto umzusetzen. Mehr Videos unter:
Vauxhall's history
Brendan Coogan has a look at the Vauxhall's history.
Vauxhall Nova 1.4SR beats Porsche 944 2.5RS
Catching and passing a Porsche on SS2 on a rally in the Czech Republic. But I was still to slow I must drive harder and faster.
Nova 2.0i Turbo Nurburgring
This is my friends Turbo nova doing an 8.45 lap of the Nurburgring in Germany, Im the terrified passenger, :-) We follow a local M3 Z3 round the track which is known to be quite a fast car,
Nova turbo
taking mate in nova 1st time
The Nova now is highly collectable because there are so few left, but in it's heyday it was a popular choice for people who had passed their test and got their first car, unfortunately the Nova ended up with the reputation of "Chavs Choice" ENJOY! For more information Vauxhall please go to
Vauxhall Nova 1.3SR group N rally car in action. 1991.
Vauxhall Nova 1.3SR rally car in action. Enstone single venue rally, in the service area.