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Clip from the BBC Revolting - Episode 1
BBC 'Real Housewives of ISIS' Sketch Sparks Controversy
'Real Housewives of ISIS' was part of satirical show 'Revolting on the BBC. ' The skit featured Jihadi brides modeling their suicide vests and complaining about having nothing to wear to the next beheading. One scene sees one of the characters modeling her new outfit: a suicide vest.Predictably, the response from social media was less than enthusiastic. Many said it was "distasteful" when there we
Real Housewives of ISIS (Parody)
This BBC satire sparked strong reactions when it appeared in early this year. But many do not realize that this parody was masterfully scripted to debunk every recruiting technique employed by ISIS to lure vulnerable women and girls to join their cause. Our review explains the frightening realities behind this faux "reality series" as illustrated through examples of young women around the world w
Real Housewives of ISIS - BBC 2 Revolting Episode 1 REACTION!!!
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Revolting BBC Gentrification
Sketch from Revolting BBC show 2017. The Twottington-Burbage character happens to be Tory but Labour councils do it too. Clip taken from
Real Housewives of ISIS - BBC 2 Revolting Episode 1 REACTION REACTION!!!
This is a "Real Housewives of ISIS - BBC 2 Revolting Episode 1 REACTION" REACTION! "Yeah, it was a silent review" - Tyrone Magnus Want my voice? Read my tweets!
BBC's sketch "The Real Housewives of ISIS" goes viral
BBC Two broadcast a sketch making fun of British women who've been groomed by Daesh and joined the terrorist organisation. The video went viral, but not everybody was laughing. Subscribe: Livestream: Facebook: Twitter:
Duckface campaigns to stop landmines - Revolting: Episode 1 Preview - BBC Two
Programme website: Can a hash tag change the world? Probably not, but it seems every cause has one. “Slactivist” and “Insta-Celebrity” Duckface hits the streets raising awareness about Landmines.
Veg dealers - Revolting: Episode 2 Preview - BBC Two
Programme website: Obesity is rife in the UK, the number of fast food restaurants are rising and healthy food is now the expensive option. Where have the vegetables gone? Fiona Button investigates.
The Real Housewives of ISIS – Funny or Offensive?
The BBC created a sketch comedy 'Real Housewives of ISIS' to poke fun at the atrocities committed by ISIS. Funny or offensive? Subscribe to Fusion: Watch more from Fusion friends: F-Comedy: Chris Gethard Show: