Twins Putting Themselves to Bed
PART 2 NOW AVAILABLE: one day i told the twins to go to bed and they did it! i was shocked, and now they do it on a regular basis. I find it so cute, so I took a video of them doing it to show our family that lives far away. They are 1.5 yrs in this video. the crib tents are to keep the babies safe if they wake up while we are sleeping, and to keep b
Twin boys playing with their Boston Terrier
The Great Twin Escape!
Twin boys who have just discovered how to climb out of their cribs. 007 style
Twins Saxophone Prank
After a handful of pranks where the kids woke up Daddy with drums and toys when he fell asleep on the couch watching TV, my husband couldn't resist pulling this prank on the kids. Please remember to click "like" !! Please subscribe to our channel: Find pictures and more about Family Fun Pack on Instagram:
Cutest Baby Talk Ever!
Cutest Baby Talk Ever! Julianna- Emilia-
Michael Reveals a HUGE Secret || Mommy Monday
So we were filming today's video and of all the kids, I knew there was only one I could ask about baby names without having the gender given away. But little Michael surprised me and blurted out the gender of our baby! I was so shocked that my natural reaction was QUICK TURN OFF THE CAMERA! And of course I was completely blushing, even though nobody was watching us film. It was so silly that I
Twins Fight Over Vacuum
so here we have our twins fighting over the Little Green Machine (which we love, by the way). they just love to vacuum, so we usually keep the vacuum hidden where they can't see it, but on this occasion, Mr. Fun Pack forgot to put it away. Please subscribe to our channel: Find pictures and more about Family Fun Pack on Facebook: https
Twins Destroy the House
I made this video of my kiddos (mainly the twins) and the photographs of their various disasters around the house. Many of the still photos also have videos to go along with them, so you can pause and click the link to see the videos. These are from when they were old enough to make messes until they were about to turn 3. Enjoy! **I am proud to give credit to my BROTHER, who wrote the music for
Twins fighting over a toothbrush
Evelyn & Juliette, 11 months old
Underwear Polar Plunge Challenge
Today was a rainy day in California. The wet and rainy afternoon turned into the kids heading out to jump on the trampoline in the rain. Somehow that translated to the boys in their underwear then to doing the polar bear plunge challenge. I sure love the heck out of these crazy boys of mine!! Thanks for watching! Don't forget to give us a THUMBS UP! Please subscribe to our channel & Alyssa'