How George Clooney pranked Meryl Streep & Brad Pitt - The Graham Norton Show
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Chris Cornell's Hollywood funeral attended by Brad Pitt, Dave Grohl, Dave Navarro, Courtney Love and
A sea of famous faces attended Chris Cornell's funeral on Friday as the singer was laid to rest at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The Audioslave and Soundgarden star was found dead in his hotel bathroom last week at the age of 52 . The singer hanged himself, but the results of a full post-mortem and toxicology tests are awaited. Ahead of Friday's funeral, Chris was cremated at the Hollywood Fo
David Beckham Puts Brooklyn Beckham In His Place - The Graham Norton Show
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Liam Payne Was Shoved by Jay Z’s Bodyguard | The Graham Norton Show
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Jennifer Lawrence Text Message Prank (Graham Norton Show) 13 May 2016
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