Two year old miraculously saves twin brother (full video)
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Bad Baby Real Food Fight Victoria vs Annabelle & Freak Daddy Toy Freaks Family
Bad Baby Victoria vs Annabelle Real Food Fight "Toy Freaks" Bad Baby Victoria Spatula Girl vs Snake in Potty Chair Hidden Egg Annabelle turns herself into a baby, using the Magic Hat and Wand. Victoria has to take care of her and feed her. Baby Annabelle Spits Up, and Throws Up on Victoria :)
When your dad is a twin...
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Cat Saves Child From Mom
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Two-year-old saves twin brother
A two-year old boy rescued his twin brother when a piece of furniture fell on him, in video that was posted on Monday. (January 2) The twin brothers, Brock and Bowdy Shoff, were playing in their room and crawled in the shelves of a dresser when the dresser fell over on Brock. Bowdy, who was not pinned by the furniture, walks around the dresser and attempts to push and lift it from different angle
Twins Dive off Dresser and Flip on Bed!
We walked into our room and found the twins doing this--the shocking part to me was the flip as they landed on the bed. This is when they had just turned 2 years old! One day they will have to do gymnastics! And just as an FYI for those who are worried about the boys' safety: every dresser (and bookshelf, desk and every other tall thing) in our home is bolted to the wall, into a stud, just as
Dad Vs Twins - Getting Dressed
Dad does his best to dress his 10 month old fraternal twin babies by himself
'Miracle' catch: 9-year-old saves falling baby brother
South Florida boy grabs infant as he toppled off changing table
Boy Saves Baby Brother compilation
Brüder Helden compilation Two year old miraculously saves twin brother full video compilation Dads saving Kids Top Compilation Video 2015 - 2017
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Lagos, Nigeria - The boy was abandoned by his family, who accused him of being a witch, according to the aid worker who found him in Uyo, southeast Nigeria. Danish aid worker Anja Ringgren Loven says the boy, whom she calls Hope, had been living on the streets and survived on scraps from passersby. When she found him, she says, he was riddled with worms and had to have daily blood transfusions to