Two year old miraculously saves twin brother (full video)
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When your dad is a twin...
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Boy Saves Baby Brother
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Watch How This Brave Teen and 9-Year-Old Save Toddler From Drowning In Pool
Frightening moments of a child nearly drowning was captured on home surveillance video. Police say no adults were present when a 3-year-old girl stepped into a swimming pool in Orlando, Florida. The other people swimming didn't even notice her. Her arms began to flail as she tried to stay afloat. The girl's 9-year-old cousin spotted her almost underwater and pulled her out of the water. Then an 18
Twins Dive off Dresser and Flip on Bed!
We walked into our room and found the twins doing this--the shocking part to me was the flip as they landed on the bed. This is when they had just turned 2 years old! One day they will have to do gymnastics! And just as an FYI for those who are worried about the boys' safety: every dresser (and bookshelf, desk and every other tall thing) in our home is bolted to the wall, into a stud, just as
Cat Saves Child From Mom
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Why a 2-Year-Old Child Left Her House in the Middle of the Night
Surveillance footage shows a two-year-old girl crossing the street all alone at night! A tiny toddler walked to a gas station convenience store, opened the door and went inside to buy some candy with two pennies!
Caught on camera Teenager protects brothers during home invasion
14-year-old Andrew Mason kept his younger brothers safe when two men broke into their home. NBC's Joe Fryer reports for TODAY.
Twin Cries when Brother Goes Down Stairs without Him
These twin brothers look like each other, dress like each other, and do everything together, so when one of the them jumped off the last stair without the other, it incited an instant crying attack. Thankfully, his brother quickly realized why he was crying and went back up the stairs so they could jump off together. Hi and welcome to Daily Picks and Flicks – viral videos, funny pictures and od
Starving Child Abandoned because of "Witchcraft" Rescued by Aid Worker
Lagos, Nigeria - The boy was abandoned by his family, who accused him of being a witch, according to the aid worker who found him in Uyo, southeast Nigeria. Danish aid worker Anja Ringgren Loven says the boy, whom she calls Hope, had been living on the streets and survived on scraps from passersby. When she found him, she says, he was riddled with worms and had to have daily blood transfusions to