Open Carry vs. Concealed Carry: When is it appropriate? with Jerry Miculek
Champion shooter, Jerry Miculek, goes over what the benefits of both open and concealed carry are; as well as how to present yourself as a responsible gun owner while doing so. LIKE JERRY ON FACEBOOK!: LIKE LENA ON FACEBOOK!:
Concealed Carry Mistakes, Don'ts, and Blunders
To See All Top Ten Mistakes of Concealed Carry Please Visit, In this video Michael Martin, author of Concealed Carry and Home Defense, and Tim Schmidt, aka Tactical Tim and president and founder of the USCCA, speak to users about the top ten concealed carry mistakes, don'ts and blunders which many responsibly armed Americans can often find themselves fa
Concealed Carry Part 1: Overview and Responsibilities
This first installment is a little long, but this puts a lot of information out on the table that is important for those of you that are choosing to carry concealed in public. In these modern times, it is becoming more and more important to have armed citizenry. With the economy being worse and worse all around the world, more and more people are resorting to crime to sustain their lifestyle. Eith
A police officer explains why concealed carry is good
Dont be a victim sign up for your concealed carry class today and get your concealed handgun license today in the south Texas / Corpus Christi more info at concealed handgun classes,concealed carry classes, corpus christi, texas,chl, A police officer explains why concealed carry is good, corpus christi chl class,corpus christi chl classes
Home Invasion Reality
Learn the real truth on how to survive a home invasion.
Concealed Carry - Appendix Carry - FULL VERSION
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PART-1 When I pulled my gun in self defense
Talking about when I had to pull my gun
You Tube Gun Community Reality Check: Concealed Carry
*****WARNING***** some adult language.
Texas CHL Course of Fire
Rol Coggins, Texas Concealed Handgun Course Instructor explains the Texas Course of Fire while Richard Schultz shoots a perfect score of 250 at the Longview Gun Club, Longview, Texas. PLEASE CLICK ON AN AD AND SUPPORT THIS VIDEO!
2013 Texas Gun Law Changes
In this video I go over the important gun laws passed in the state of Texas in 2013. Several very critical changes as a defense now with inadvertant display, major changes in the CHL class renewals and CHL instruction time are discussed as well as 11 other significant pro gun law changes. The laws unpassed in 2013 but still under consideration are also discussed with open carry and firearms on col