Concealed Carry Mistakes, Don'ts, and Blunders
To See All Top Ten Mistakes of Concealed Carry Please Visit, In this video Michael Martin, author of Concealed Carry and Home Defense, and Tim Schmidt, aka Tactical Tim and president and founder of the USCCA, speak to users about the top ten concealed carry mistakes, don'ts and blunders which many responsibly armed Americans can often find themselves fa
Home Invasion Reality
Learn the real truth on how to survive a home invasion.
Tips When Stopped By Police and Carrying a Firearm
Lethal Force Institute's Massad Ayoob gives Guns & Ammo Host Tom Gresham some essential tips for safely interacting with police when carrying a firearm while driving your vehicle. This is just blanket advice that we thought we should pass on, this will not work for everyone. When planning a trip, to another state, Google the state with topic, Ie: Alabama Gun Laws, this should help you out. As alwa
Concealed Carry Protocal on a Traffic Stop, "Street Cop, Straight Talk"
Be safe, CCW Protocol on Traffic Stops...
New CHL laws take effect in Texas
New CHL laws take effect in Texas
CCW Course - Shooting Test
This is not the best video but I wanted to share as much about the CCW process in Tennessee as possible. I past the shooting portion with a 100 and the written test with a 100 also. If I can do it, you guys can! Get out there and get your CCW!
How to react to police when you have a CHL and are armed
Instructional video on how to react when stopped by an officer and you are armed, and have your Concealed Weapons Permit
Can I Carry A Gun In My Automobile?
More firearms education is available at: Program Attorneys Edwin Walker and Michele Byington explain when you can and can not have a firearm in your automobile in Texas. This is not an endorsement or solicitation for any product or service. Your situation may be different so please contact your own lawyer regarding your specific circumstances. If you do not ha
Carrying a concealed firearm under light clothing
This video is just to demonstrate that a person can easily and effectively conceal a firearm under the lightest of clothing. We do not have to dress like slobs to carry.
Range Time with Cory & Erika - Erika talks Guns & Girls - part one
Follow us on Facebook: Also Follow us on twitter:!/Cory07ink Erika talking on how she got into shooting and how you can get that girl in your life to enjoy shooting a little bit more.