#OBE17: Men's Mass Start Press Conference
Simon Schempp and Erik Lesser made it a double win for the Germans in front of an enthusiastic home crowd in today's mass start in Oberhof. Martin Fourcade finished third. Here's what they said after the competition finished.
Darya Domracheva; "Back in Business" in Oberhof
BMW IBU World Cup 4 in the 2016-17 season in Oberhof; a very familiar face will step on the starting line for the first time since March 2015. The triple Olympic Gold medalist from Sochi sat out the last season while recovering from mononucleosis, married Ole Einar Björndalen and became a mother with the birth of daughter Xenia in October. Now, Darya Domracheva is eager for her first competiti
Oberhof W Sprint PC with Koukalova, Mäkäräinen and Dorin-Habert
After a day with fantastic conditions, three very familiar faces finished on the podium. Gabriela Koukalova started first and finished first, Kaisa Mäkäräinen was able to overcome to misses in the standing shooting to come in second and Marin Dorin-Habert made it to the third place in the first competition of 2017.
Oberhof Women Mass Start 2017 - Gabriela KOUKALOVÁ WIN!! Eva PUSKARČÍKOVÁ 3rd!!
Fantastický závod!!! Omlouvám se za horší kvalitu, natáčel jsem to z internetu, nebyl jsem doma.
Oberhof Women Pursuit 2017 - Gabriela Koukalová 2nd!! Dorin Habert WIN! Makarainen 3rd!
Další výborný závod Gábiny.
Massenstart Damen 12,5 km Oberhof 2017
IBU World Cup 2017 Oberhof Mass Start Damen 8.1.2017 Bild&Ton ZDF/720p/50
Highlights Koukalova takes victory in Oberhof Oberhof
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2017 Oberhof Sprint PC with J. Eberhard, Slesingr and Windisch
Julian Eberhard took home the win in the first sprint competition of 2017 at Oberhof. Michal Slesingr finished second with Dominik Windisch in third place. Hear what they had to say in the press conference after the competition.
Nove Mesto Mass Start:Koukalova, Dahlmeier and Wierer
Gariela Koukalova, Laura Dahlmeier and Dorothea Wierer press conference after the mass start at BMW IBU World Cup in Nove Mesto.
34,000 Czech Biathlon Fans go CRAZY for Gabriela Koukalova
34,000 fans celebrate victory of czech biathlonist Gabriela Koukalova in mass start race at BMW IBU World Cup 2016 in Nove Mesto na Morave