All Windows Sounds | Windows 1.0 - Windows 10
All Editions of Windows Including Windows 1.0. The Sounds Start at Windows 3.1 and Continues to Windows 10.
ALL Playstation Startups 1995-2016 (PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4)
The history of all playstation boot ups, stretching back nearly 2 decades! Tags: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PS1 startup, PS2 startup, PS3 startup, PS4 startup, PS1 boot up, PS2 boot up, PS3 b
Windows Startup and Shutdown Sounds (Desktop Version)
Windows Startup and Shutdown Sounds (Desktop Version)
EVERY Intel Animation (1971-2013) ALL!
Here's a lot of Intel animations, arranged by date. There are three of them that are fake (the first 2 ones and the first Pentium D animation), however the rest are real. Some of these aren't senn by many people, so be prepared. I do not own the videos.
Windows 98 Startup
Pionex Desktop Computer from 1999 Intel Pentium III processor-450MHz 96 MB RAM Windows 98 SE
Old Macintosh Startup Sounds And Crash Sounds
The Best Of Macintosh Computer Sounds - R.I.P Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011
All Windows Startup And Shutdown Sounds (1080p)
READ HERE FOR DOWNLOADS!!! All startup and shutdown sounds from Windows 3.1 up to Windows 8. Windows Classic Sound Scheme for Windows 7/Vista: Windows Classic Sound Scheme for Windows XP:
Windows 1.01- 10 commercial
Hi guys!! I hope you enjoy this commercial of windows and now its complete than the others uploaded. Subscribe and Like!!!
Microsoft Windows Startup & Shutdown sounds Garageband Remake
This is a remake on windows sounds W/l Mac Sound.
All Windows Startup Sounds (Earrape)
Reuploaded due to forgotten windows versions teh tru errap rip hedphon users Thanks to Ballyweg and for the startup sounds Also none of these versions of windows belong to me or their symbols/icons I am not responsible for any broken headphones or damaged ears because of this video