Windows 98 Startup
Pionex Desktop Computer from 1999 Intel Pentium III processor-450MHz 96 MB RAM Windows 98 SE
All Windows Animations {Improved Updated and 1080p HD}
Here's an improvement updated from a 1080p HD. This should be All windows animations for. i own nothing UNIVERSAL DISCLAIMER IN POEM FORM: All credits go to their respective owners whoever they may be and all the IVE logos are the only things from me!
Windows XP Startup Sound slowed down to 24 hours
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Windows Startup and Shutdown sounds with MS Paint logos
This is the Windows startups and shutdowns with MS Paint logos.
Intel Animations 1990-2011
here the actually version of the intel animations. it was really hard to find the XEON animation.please forget me i cant find the PENTIUM DUAL CORE still seracing to find it....
Windows XP logoff error
PlayStation 1 Startup (Long Version)
The long version sometimes occurs. Not very often though. I've disabled comments because of you dumbass religious morons turning a PS1 start up into a religious debate while you SJWs attack me for criticizing this.. This is not a fucking church. Go cry persecution elsewhere.
Windows 3.1 Startup
This is an old computer booting up. It's from 1993. I didn't buy it, my parents did. It was my first computer. I still have it and it still works as of 2016. The high pitched BEEP at 0:02, 0:32, and 1:02 is my smoke detector. My cat meowed at me at 0:13.
Old Macintosh Startup Sounds And Crash Sounds
The Best Of Macintosh Computer Sounds - R.I.P Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011
Microsoft Build 2016 | Keynote Day 1 (HD)
Welcome to the Video for the MICROSOFT BUILD DEVELOPER CONFERENCE 2016 KEYNOTE DAY 1 From San Francisco, watch the latest news Microsoft has to offer to developers all over the world Join us in the comments to discuss what has been announced Subscribe to this channel for more Microsoft related news and coverage from Windows 10 Builds to Unboxings to Reviews to Speed tests AND MORE! Subscribe to th