Twin baby girls big fight
Little twins fight for their bow
Baby sister tries to wake her big brother
Remi, 8 months old saw that her big brother, drew, 3 years old was asleep on the couch. With a little help from mom, she woke him up. Instead of being upset with her, he just gives her a kiss! Love hi
Baby meets sister and asks the funniest question!
This big brother meets and holds his newborn baby sister for the very first time, and ends up asking a very curious and hilarious question! His expression after is absolutely priceless. Source:
Funny Triplet Babies Laughing Compilation 2014
Triplets Laughing, Triple the CUTE! These cute and funny triplet babies are adorable when they laugh together! Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time! ▶ Subscribe: ▶ Follow: ▶ Facebook: ▶ Website: ▶ Submit:
Best of Twin Babies!
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Cutest Baby Talk Ever!
Cutest Baby Talk Ever! Julianna- Emilia-
10 Unusual Twins You Won’t Believe Exist!
10 Unusual Twins You Won’t Believe Exist! Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Number One: Parents of Kian and Remee were startled when their twins were born. The girls’ parents, Kylie Hodgson and Remi Horder, are both of mixed race heritage But they were shocked when the girls were so markedly different in appearance. These twins ar
Talking Twin Babies - PART 2 - OFFICIAL VIDEO
Talking Twin Babies - PART 2 - OFFICIAL VIDEO Subscribe to our channel: Twin baby boys have a conversation part 2. find more of the boys' adventures at my wife's blog. visit Watch Talking Twin Babies - PART 1 - OFFICIAL VIDEO :
Thalasso Bain Bébé Jumeaux - Twin Baby Bath
Thalasso Bain Bebe Video - Baby Bath video - Sonia Rochel Video FACEBOOK : SoniaBabyBath (Sonia Rochel) ------------ La magie opère : regardez ! Dans le même bain, des jumeaux s'enlacent, s'entre-lacent. Frère et sœur partagent un moment de proximité, de complicité et d'amour. Un grand merci aux parents : ils m'ont fait confiance, et m'ont permis de partager ce film avec vous. Un imme
Dad Vs Twins - Getting Dressed
Dad does his best to dress his 10 month old fraternal twin babies by himself