Step 1 - An Introduction to Trello as Project and Time Management Tool
This video offers a basic primer on Trello constructs to help lay a foundation for how to get the most out of it. Trello can be used for advanced project management such as for onlin marketing, digital marketing plans, etc. or as a personal time management tool to have the most productive day possible. This video series disusses these elements and will result in empowering the viewer to create t
Using Trello to Manage Multiple Projects
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Using Trello for Online Project Management
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Getting Things Done - Trello,GoogleCalendar,Evernote,Zapier
Update via quilling1: Trello Supports now unlimited labels. Bonus: Email your GTD Inbox from any phone Trello: Evernote: Google Calendar: Zapier: ========================== Websit
Plus for Trello 1-minute intro
Free open-source no-ads Chrome extension. Burndowns, spent vs estimates by team, board, list, label, card, user, history. Timers, reports, charts, offline. Enter Spent/Estimate even from mobile or any browser. By Zig Mandel, one of the "Google Developer Experts" Music by Plastic3
Adding Trello to Outlook
In a few short simple steps, you can add and access Trello through Microsoft Outlook
Trello Card Dependencies Tutorial
Webinar - Essential Trello Boards For Every Business
During this webinar we take an in-depth look at six high level Trello boards that will help keep your entire team organized and informed. We cover the following boards: - Company Overview - Employee Manual - New Employee Onboarding - Town Hall Meetings - IT/Admin Support - Company/Product Roadmap Learn how you can setup your own versions of these boards, tips & tricks for maximizing th
Trello Hacks #4: Intro to Pomello Timer
Pomello is a Chrome Extension used to monitor Trello activity using a Pomodoro style timer overlaying the experience. Pomello is free and allows you to create efficient patterns by timing your tasks and building successful techniques of workflow SUMMARY NOTES: 1. Trello - 2. Pomello on Chrome Web Store:
Gantt Chart Excel Demo
Chris Croft shows you how to make a Gantt Chart using Excel - it's really easy. Starting with your network diagram you build up an impressive Gantt chart, requiring only basic Excel knowledge. Gantt charts are the key to successful project management so you really need to see this! Check out the full on-line 'Practical Projects' project management course here Please d