Mosul Latest: DJI Phantom 4, You heard it right!
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CNN reporter trapped with Iraqi forces during ISIS attack
For more than 28 hours, CNN's Arwa Damon and photojournalist Brice Laine were with Iraqi special forces during their push into ISIS-held Mosul.
ISIL increased weapons production during Mosul offensive: report
A new report says ISIL has an extensive and organised war production machine, much like a regular army. The study by the UK-based Conflict Armament Research says the group increased its production of weapons before and during the offensive on Mosul.
Snipers face off on southeastern Mosul front
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EXCLUSIVE - Iraq: On the road to Mosul with Iraqi, Kurdish forces
Subscribe to France 24 now : FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 A few weeks before Iraqi and Kurdish forces launched their offensive to retake Mosul from Islamic State group jihadists, our reporters in Iraq witnessed the final preparations for the strategic battle. FRANCE 24 brings you an exclusive report, filmed at the end of Aug
Iraq War 2016: Kurdish & Iraqi Special Forces In Heavy Clashes With ISIS During The Battle For Mosul
Iraq War 2016: Kurdish & Iraqi Special Forces In Heavy Clashes With ISIS During The Battle For Mosul. The video shows Kurdish and Iraqi Special Forces in heavy combat action during heavy clashes with ISIS as part of the Mosul Offensive 2016 in order to clear the city of Mosul, Iraq from Daesh. The video begins with a close call for an ISIS fighter that got nearly shot by incoming rounds and then
Battle for Mosul: Snipers, car bombs and trapped families
Iraqi special forces insist they will be in the centre of Mosul "very soon" after adopting new tactics which have seen fewer casualties and more progress - albeit slow. Alex Crawford is with them as they try to reach the Tigris. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: Follow us on Twitter: and
Iraqi forces discover IS drone factory in Cairo neighborhood, Mosul
ماڵپه‌ڕ: ئيمێڵى ئۆفيس: ئيمێڵى ماڵپه‌ڕ: ئيمێڵى ژوورى هه‌واڵ: فه‌يسبووكى به‌شى سۆرانى: فه‌يسبووكى به‌شى كرمانجى: فه‌يسبو
Mosul: ISIS militant captured by Iraq's 'Golden Division' (2nd Regiment / ISOF)
Battle of Mosul: ISIS militant captured by Iraq's Special Operations Forces. || Abtransport eines durch irakische Spezialeinheiten in Mosul gefangen genommenen IS Mitglieds.