How To Shoot a Handgun Accurately
Shooting a handgun accurately takes a lot of practice, and solid fundamentals. In this video, Zack Pike explains 4 key fundamentals that will help you be a better, more accurate, shooter. Get more firearms and shooting info from Zack at
Texas License To Carry (LTC/CHL) Proficiency Demonstration Course of Fire - Range Qualification
Texas License To Carry (LTC/CHL) Proficiency Demonstration Course of Fire - Range Qualification The following License To Carry Proficiency Demonstration Course of Fire is required for all License To Carry (LTC - former CHL) candidates in the state of Texas for proficiency demonstration as a part of the mandatory Texas License To Carry class. Texas License To Carry Proficiency Demonstration Cours
Texas CHL Course of Fire
Rol Coggins, Texas Concealed Handgun Course Instructor explains the Texas Course of Fire while Richard Schultz shoots a perfect score of 250 at the Longview Gun Club, Longview, Texas. PLEASE CLICK ON AN AD AND SUPPORT THIS VIDEO!
Texas CHL course of fire passed by 12 year old girl.
My 12 year old daughter shows how easy it is to pass the Texas CHL course of fire. She is shooting a Glock 19. Thinking of getting your concealed handgun license? Visit us at
Preparing for Your Concealed Carry Class Preparing ahead of time can help you to get the most out of your concealed carry training class. It is important to understand the requirements your state has laid out, important that you find the right instructor and take the time to prepare for the course. Doing these simple 3 things will make sure you get the most out of your concealed carry class. Safe
Texas License to Carry Handgun Qualification Scoring
Explanation of how the handgun qualification is scored, using the target as demonstration.
7 Foxtrot Texas Concealed Handgun License Course - Proficiency Demonstration Course of Fire
For those looking to get a Concealed Handgun License in Texas they will need to take the mandated 4-6 hour class with a written test and shoot the Proficiency Demonstration course. This video describes the course and how 7 Foxtrot will conduct the course at the range.
The CHL Shooting Test
The CHL Shooting Test with a glock 23 .40 cal.
Texas CHL Application Process
Brief overview of the Texas Concealed Handgun Application Process. For more information about the Texas CHL, visit the Texas DPS website or
CHL Shooting Test
Re-rendered at 720 and reuploaded because OpenShot is fucking retarded. My CHL shooting test. There would have been some awesome 3rd camera footage from the quadrotor, but as it turns out, the video camera doesn't record video unless YOU FUCKING PRESS THE RECORD BUTTON! DDDDDDDEEEEEERRRRRRRRPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!! I M SO SMART. S-M-R-T SMART. Oh well, as the saying goes, "2 out of 3's not bad". Le