Sport Needs Creators - adidas
Hard work and dedication aren’t enough. Bring something new and different to the game. Tap into your imagination and use your creativity to be the difference. If you call yourself an athlete, create something. Sport needs you. ------------------------------------- From the pool to the hockey field. From spikes on the track to spikes on the volleyball court. From kick-off to the final whistle,
Adidas – Break Free
Cinematographer:, Music: Editor: Director: Break Free. Cast Jens Weisser, Herman Van Ulzen, Anja Karmanski, Hiltrud Hauschke, Daniel Hubertus Crew Director / Script – Eugen Merher Producer – Karli Baumann, Karl Heidelbach DoP – Mortimer Hochberg Editor – Ernst Lattik Music –
ADIDAS Clothing Advert, Student Advert.
This video was made by me and fred stubbs, i do not own the music nor do i claim to. Anyways this was a project assigned to us by our college, we gave it a go this is the result.
Paul Pogba - I'm Here to Create" Adidas Commercial
Amazing Adidas Comercial - MUST WATCH! Follow Adidas Football : YouTube - Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Find out more at:
Adidas Commercial | Self made
Adidas Commercial. Made by students of DAVV Indore Featured Here: Shubham Paliwal Prepared by: Rani Thakur & Suraj Pathak
Kanye West x adidas | Dream Create Conquer Our team of creators felt the need to celebrate the collaboration of Kanye West and adidas. Both progressive powerhouses exemplify not just what a person or a brand can do, but what can be done for a community. Our campaign embodies what Kanye and adidas have joined to make: a movement to inspire youth to pursue their dreams, create outside of their comfort zones, and conqu
Adidas: Break Free......... Unless ( Wait for it )
Break Free.............................................unless WATCH TILL VERY END please subscribe and like Thanks Motivate and cry adidas commercial break free running shoes olympics funny dark humor dark humor famous inspiring motivation Italy PLEASE DONATE TO HELP FIGHT DEMENTIA
LCC University of the Arts London students project. Siziwe Sayiya Isabela Geraldi Annamaria Pennazzi Marie Le Troadec Omid Roufi Disclaimer: this advert is not endorsed by Adidas. Track: Skrillex-Cinema
Mock Adidas Commercial
Student made commercial targeting the nonathletic, rejected audience of Adidas. Far too often in advertising we see professional athletes or extreme athletes be the subjects of the commercials. I challenged the norm and targeted the lower audience by using the lower audience as the subject of my commercial. Impossible is what you make it, not what other people tell you it is.
ECON Super Bowl Commercial - Nike vs. Adidas
Student(s): Celeste Casavant, Iesha Miller Product: Nike vs. Adidas Period: 2nd