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Watch President Barack Obama's full farewell speech
President Barack Obama delivered his farewell address Tuesday from Chicago, where he launched his political career eight years ago. NewsHour's Judy ...
Les larmes d'Obama pour son dernier discours
C'est un discours plein d'émotion que le président sortant des États-Unis a donné hier dans sa ville de Chicago. Devant la foule rassemblée au McCormick ...
President Obama's job performance
'The O'Reilly Factor': Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points 1/10.
The best moments from Obama's farewell address
President Obama called for Americans to seek solidarity over division in a celebratory farewell address in Chicago on Tuesday, calling for a "new social compact ...
Laura Ingraham rips President Obama's farewell address
Fox News contributor gives her take on 'Hannity'
Gutfeld: Hollywood will miss Obama
Celebrities take part in White House tribute video to the outgoing president.
Obama-Bilanz der US-Korrespondenten: Acht Jahre im Amt - Was bleibt?
Was hat beeindruckt? Was bleibt? Welches Erlebnis hat sich eingeprägt? Acht Jahre Obama - die US-Korrespondenten von SPIEGEL ONLINE und DER ...
Bret Baier: Obama gave the blueprint forward for Democrats
Bret Baier and Tucker Carlson break down President Obama's farewell address as the 'Special Report' host says Obama will play a significant role in the ...
Pidato Perpisahan Obama
Presiden AS Barack Obama menekankan perlunya negara itu tetap bersatu dan mendengar pendapat lawan dalam pidato perpisahannya sebagai presiden, ...
Watch President Obama's full farewell speech
Watch President Obama deliver his full farewell speech in Chicago, Illinois.
Obama tears up talking about Michelle
President Obama was emotional as he recognized his wife, Michelle Obama, during his farewell address in Chicago.
FULL: President Barack Obama's Farewell Address in Chicago
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FULL EVENT: President Obama Farewell Address / Obama Final Speech (January 10, 2017) #ObamaFarewell
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President Obama & Michelle Obama Answer Kids' Adorable Questions | PEN | Entertainment Weekly
The First Family takes on some tough questions from their youngest constituents. Subscribe to ▻▻ People and Entertainment Weekly, ...
Obama Farewell Speech FULL Event | ABC News
President Obama Farewell Address: Obama's final speech to the public will continue a tradition set in 1796 when George Washington addressed the American ...